The Invasion Has Begun–And they Are Coming For Your TVs

Posted by Stephanie on July 1, 2014


postersActually. If you’re reading this, they’ve already gotten your TV and it’s too late for you, you’re already infected. I’m talking the rest of America–the non-kdrama watchers.

Yet another drama has been picked up by a US production company for a possible remake here in the states. It was just announced that God’s Gift, 14 Days the drama from this year staring Lee Bo Young about a woman who goes back in time 14 days in order to stop her daughters death is the latest addition to the growing list.

Now, I haven’t seen God’s Gift, and, from the sounds of the ending, it probably won’t be going on the TBWList anytime soon, but if it comes here? I’ll watch it, not because I want to, but to support the import of Korean stories to our shores. The more people who hear about it, who watch the remakes, the more people who will then check out the original and will love that even more.

Come on, you know it always happens.

Here’s hoping kdrama is the next BBC!

The downside is that just because the rights to a particular piece are sold, it doesn’t mean that it will ever make it out of development. There are a lot of books out there that the movie rights are sold to that never, ever get adapted. But the fact that there are US companies who are aware of Korean television? It’s a very good sign. Eventually–it’s going to happen.

Wait. You know what? This reminds me of a post I partially wrote but never had a chance to publish. Did you now a remake of a Korean Drama has made it out of development hell and has reached a network? (This totally feels like School House Rock–How a Bill Gets Made.) The tvN hit dramaAnswer Me 1997 has been picked up by Fox for a short series called Answer Me 1999. Answer Me 1999 will be like ’97 where it tells a story through differing time periods using the music of the era.

I like this news as, not only is it more of a sure thing than dramas where the rights have just been picked up, but that they are planning on making it just one season! This last news especially gives me hope. Maybe the powers that be will start to learn a show doesn’t need to stay on the air for 12 years to be successful.

Other dramas that have had their rights picked up were last years Nine: Nine Times Travel–which I would be super excited to see but again only if they limited the amount of seasons. (As there are only 9 incense sticks there is a finite number of travels through time.) The other drama, that I know of, is also from last year, Joo Won’s Good Doctor. As we here in the states love our hospital dramas, this one may catch on.

I just love the idea of more and more dramas possibly making the jump and will keep my fingers crossed that it will really happen!  Just think–it could be our turn to be the snobby ones who turn up our noes and say we watch it in the original Korean.

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