A Nodame By Any Other Name…Still Stinks

Posted by Stephanie on July 3, 2014

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Newest word on this drama, a remake of Nodame Cantabile is that it has been renamed Cantabile Tomorrow. Maybe it should have been renamed The Show That Would Not Die. I had hoped that the drama, which kept letting lead actresses slip through it’s fingers time and again, would also just drift away, never to be heard from again. 

Have I mentioned I really, really did not like the original? Like, really, really didn’t like it. And the fact that an actor I like but haven’t been able watch because of the dramas he’s choosing is the one unchanging thing about the remake? Made me cranky. Why Joo Won? Why?
Well, undeterred the producers stuck with it, got an actress to sign her name to the dotted line, and got an official time slot. I guess there is no more avoiding it, this is going to happen.
I wonder if the casting of Shim Eun Kyung as Nodame (or whatever they are calling her in the remake) makes my podcast partner Cherry Cordial more excited for the drama as she really liked her in Miss Granny and says she has some solid acting skills.
There was actually a lot I didn’t hate about the original Japanese drama. Basically, I liked everything about the drama, except for Nodame. Maybe with the remake, they won’t make her so heinous and nonsensical. Maybe they will throw her a solid backstory and maybe–if we’re lucky–they will give her a little character growth. If those things happen, I may think about stopping my protest against it.



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