It’s Okay, It’s Love–It’s Still Chugging Along

Posted by Stephanie on July 8, 2014


It's okay it's love-002It looks like Gong Hyo Jin is soldiering on, continuing to film It’s Okay, It’s Love despite her broken arm. So far, so good, I’m still really looking forward to the drama. From the stills that have been released, it looks beautiful–but considering the fact it’s coming from the Padam, Padam and That Winter, The Wind Blows team, anything less than breathtakingly almost to the point of unrealistic beauty would be completely unacceptable.

The team went to Okinawa to shoot for a week last month, and the extremely cozy shots makes me wonder. The pre-production is usually given to the first few episodes. Does that mean that the pair will either get together very early (which is never a good sign for them to stay together) or were they lovers in the past? (Which the plot does not allude to at all.)

I wonder if it could be that they are filming end episodes, as I don’t think once it goes to live shoots, they can afford, time-wise, for the team to be away for any extended amount of time. Not to mention there is no rushing the tape to the station from Okinawa to Seoul. It reminds me of the drama, On Air, where they did this, filmed the end at in pre-production, but as it is in live shoots, ended up having to change the entire ending anyway. (As they actually write the drama as the show is being made rather than all before in order to judge the audiences reaction. It’s not unheard of for a drama to completely change routes midstream if the ratings aren’t there. Heck, we’ve also seen them switch up who the heroine ends up with in the end–ahem, How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor–because the audience prefers one man to another. In the case of How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor, they were wrong, very wrong.)

Anyway, I meandered.

A while ago a few teasers came out (one of them totally getting called out for plagiarism) and the tone is light and breezy, which makes me rethink the fact that this is supposed to be a melodrama. I’m okay if they decide to make that change. Would even be pleased with it. While the teaser doesn’t really tease me at all–it wasn’t enough to turn me away. Indeed, I actually enjoy the vintage-y styling Gong Hyo Jin has going on, I hope that it actually makes it into the drama.


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