Cherry Cordial Was Right! Park Si Yeon Makes Her Comeback

Posted by Stephanie on July 10, 2014

Casting News

Greatest MarriageDespite her very, very recent scandal Park Si Yeon has just joined a new drama. Her first since Nice Guy a few years ago. Her first since giving birth. And most importantly, her first since being convicted for Propofol use.

Ahem. That’s a busy couple of years. 

It does make sense that her drama come-back is on one of the smaller cable networks, TV Chosun–I’m guessing the big 3 aren’t ready to take her back quite yet–however, starting small may just be the way to start the climb her way back up to success. She is a really good actress (even if I wasn’t able to finish Nice Guy) and Kdrama can always use more of those.

The drama is called Greatest Marriage, about a woman who has found success in her career as a news anchor, but failure in love, decides to become in a single mother. Hmm… I wonder how that will go over? In my Kdrama experience single mothers are not accepted that well–and to have a career so much in the public eye? A recipe for trouble.

She will of course get her own love triangle, and I think I read somewhere it’s between a man she used to have a relationship with and a new guy (this I can’t find the article I read it in, so I can’t confirm). I can say that these men with be played by No Min Woo

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