You’re All Surrounded Episode 17: The Uncomfortable Truth

Posted by Stephanie on July 13, 2014



As I said in my little update, I was late in watching this episode, and then, after seeing people complain, I just kept pushing watching the episodes further and further back, almost afraid to watch. I’m happy to say–I didn’t hate this episode, actually–I thought it was quite good. We got tons of revelations (the title of the episode The Uncomfortable Truth was quite apt), we got a few laughs, and, most importantly, got some skinship! 


With the exception of the exact revelation of Jae Il’s backstory, I don’t think there was anything relieved that we the audience didn’t already know. Instead this episode laid out the big cards to the characters and let them deal with them as they will. I’m so proud of Dae Gu not running of half cocked trying to catch the people himself, it’s shows how much he’s grown as a character.


Well…I guess he did go investigating the connection between his mother and the Congressman’s Daughter’s Husband. Yeah. I should probably be learning these characters names–or work out shorter nicknames. Dae Gu’s Mom’s Ex-boyfriend? Hmm… I don’t think that’s any better. Dae Gu’s Dad? That fits! So Dae Gu did go off and investigate the connection between his mother and the Congressman’s family but that is a hard truth to admit to the room. All this time he had believed what his mother had told him, that his father was dead, and now he has to come to terms not only that his father is alive but that his mother lied to him all those years ago. It’s also hard to come to the realization that your parents are real people and therefor not infallible.


I wonder–did Dae Gu shave a year or two off his age or is his character going to be 25? Did he not want to tip his hand that he was probably the man’s son? If he did, it’s probably smart in a staying alive sort of way, but doesn’t he want to know that this man is actually his dad? I wonder how Dae Gu feels about him. He knows that the Congressman’s family is pretty much a viper’s pit, but we the audience knows that this man doesn’t actually fit in there.


For his part Dae Gu’s Dad seemed to catch on pretty quick, however, I’m disappointed with their second meeting when he toed the party line and turned his back on Dae Gu (almost typed Seung Gi there). As hen-pecked and distant as he is from his family, I would have really liked it if he’d latched onto the whole ‘You’re wife killed your ex-girlfriend/mother of your secret baby’ thing instantly. I’d like it if Dae Gu comes out of this with a dad who isn’t an ass-hat. At least we know, with his dopey son, we know Dae Gu is going to at least come out of this with a brother.


Now, the Congressman and his Daughter had that meeting where it was agreed that she needed to go to the station to submit to questioning and we learned Dae Gu is safe–for now. But both of them have plans to murder him as soon as all of this has blown over. UGH! Seriously, these two cardboard villains are ticking me off in a generally awesome show. Why? The husband is already aware of his existence, so Dae Gu is, even if they are cleared of the charges, linked to them, and therefore if he disappears, everyone is going to know exactly where to look. Not to mention, if they are cleared of these charges, there would be no reason to kill him as they were, as I said, cleared of the charges. The only reason to want him dead is just because his very existence irritates them. Which is not really a motive that I can get behind. These people are so bleeping stupid.


I do like that the Captain is continuing to stand up against the the Congressman. They are in the same boat now and there is no reason for her to cower in front of him. She already can see through him and realizes that she backed the wrong horse, now it’s just a fear of the truth coming out that holds her back.


It was kind of interesting that even the captain knows that, given a choice between the two, Dae Gu is not going to believe what Detective Seo has to say and she’s willing to use that against him. Seo is stuck as he also knows that Dae Gu is not ready to get past his years of misdirected anger and blame and trust him. With only 3 episodes left to go, I hope Dae Gu starts recognizing who are the good guys and who are the bad. Or at least that the showdown comes quickly.


You know who else is being dumb? The killer. Why is he not spilling the beans? The Congressman already tried to kill him once, what makes him think that he wouldn’t do it again? That his silence is buying him safety? He’s smarter (or should be) than that. With another killer waiting in the wings, shiv probably already in hand, it wouldn’t surprise me if our original killer dies in the next episode. Especially once the Congressman knows that Dae Gu was allowed to speak with him. And about that? Why did the killer say yes to the visit? He told Detective Seo that he wouldn’t let Seo or Dae Gu in anymore to speak to him. Why this time?


We finally got all of Jae Il’s story. First off–I think we can all agree–his dad is an ass-hat. A big one. Your son is in the hospital after being stabbed and you can only shame him for coming to your hospital because it brings shame on you? Listen buddy, I can tell you who is bringing shame on your family–and it certainly isn’t Tae Il.


I like that within one story we find out why he became a detective over a doctor, but the fact that they added the bit about the brother being gay? It was a nice call back to original episodes where Tae Il was the gayest not gay character out there.


My heart did break for Tae Il’s brother and his boyfriend. To get the nerve up to come out to your parents only to die in a horrible car accident? For some reason it makes me want to smack his parents even more. In my head I kept building their story, and then the story of the boyfriend afterwards. So sad! I may have to watch Life Is Beautiful again to make me feel better.


Now on to the good stuff! I love how the Scoobie Gang all got together in order to find out the Congressman’s Daughter’s weaknesses. Of course, with 3 episodes to go, I’m sure it won’t actually work, but with so much of the storyline now being give to the irritating Congressman’s family, I think we needed some lighthearted teamwork. (Anyone else missing the crime of the week format?)


And then? The skinship. Squee! I’m a sucker for a good hand-holding and we got two great ones. (Well, one good one and one over the charts amazing.) The first, initiated by Soo Sun, was her reaching out to comfort him. To show she cared (SQUEE). But the second was actually so much better! It was Dae Gu’s turn to reach out for her, just before he when in to the oh so very important interrogation. He needed that one bit of reassurance from her, and when she realized it, she did what she always does, tosses herself in wholeheartedly, surprising even him.


Have I mentioned I love this couple? I love how they (and especially him) can lean on each other during the quiet times. To get the support they need. When he laid his head down on her lap? My heart melted. Puddle on the floor. He who can never sleep, feels comfortable enough around her to allow himself to break down his walls, to put his fears aside, and just sleep.


I love how slow moving their relationship has been. Since it is now episode 17 and they are just settling in to admitting their feelings, it makes every gesture, every look count about 8x more than other kdrama couples.


Question: Why doesn’t dead ghost mom show up again? They had the actress for the flashback scenes already on standby. He was back at a beach–the scene of the last dead ghost mom sighting. He was incredibly emotional as he was last time. I know she is a figment of his imagination–but it would have made sense if she’d been there. Now it just makes the original dead ghost mom sighting even more weird.


Yes, Soo Sun, we all agree, he looks just as good going as he does coming.


I want a job where I have to get a full spa day.


This lady wears a lot of ugly outfits, but this might be the worst.


I’m all for shading faces. However. Anyone else shouting at the screen for her to touch him? JUST TOUCH HIM FOR THE LOVE OF MIKE!


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