You’re All Surrounded Part 18: In Cold Blood

Posted by Stephanie on July 14, 2014



Lets see if I can’t get this bad boy done before this the new episodes come out. You know, since we only have 2 episodes left to the whole drama. Part of me says “Nooooo!” Especially after such an awesome episode. A pretty freaking awesome episode. It was one of those episodes that made me happy that Cherry Cordial stopped watching it with me, because it allowed me to rewind and rewatch several parts. Over and over.

And then maybe one more time.


I’ll say right up front, I did not expect everything to work out in our groups favor, to have an episode jam packed with so many revelations! I even said last week that I fully expected their plan to trick Congressman’s Daughter into confessing to fail. A big fat fail.


But not only did it not fail, they got a full confession, she flipped her lid, and Dae Gu kept his cool. (Although I have to say, did anyone else just want to hug him this entire episode?) I was completely floored–there was possibly even some gasping.


I am, however, surprised that Congressman didn’t know about his daughters plot to steal back the necklace. You’d think either, after all the trouble she’s gotten into over the years, he’d have someone keeping a pretty good eye on her or that they would have planned that together. It does make me wonder though, his plan to have her committed–is this just a plot to get her out of jail or is he effectively washing his hands of her? I mean, this man has shown he has no feelings at all, I’d figure it was only a matter of time before she became a liability.


The way she freaked out, being taken away in handcuffs, and then again when she was being herded into the ambulance, I wondered if there might be actually something wrong with her mentally. Or at least if this is how they are going to play it to redeem her by the end of the drama. Since this is a Kdrama, I feel like we should be prepared for the redemption of the baddies to eventually happen. This time around though? I’m going to be really irritated when it happens. Really irritated. Within this drama we were given no redeeming qualities to either of these characters–they were just flat and evil–so if at this point you try to give them some back story to soften them, I’m just not going to believe it.

I mean, look at Congressman, he had absolutely no qualms about killing Captain. Had the plan on standby even. He killed the killer, and will probably do another attempt at Dae Gu. It makes me wonder why he didn’t even try to appease Captain, didn’t attempt to put through the bill to give investigative rights to the police. Even if it didn’t pass, all she needed to know was that he was doing his best–and she was determined enough in her cause to stick with him if he’d put in the slightest effort. It just seems like bad planning on his part. Shortsightedness.
On top of that–I can’t believe Captain is dead! To me it seems such a pity for a great character. Not just a pity, but it seemed rushed. Did they think Dae Gu needed more of a push to find the killers? I don’t think so, he is pretty much in this to the end. And for it to happen the very episode that he finds out that she was the bad Detective Seo? It seems like the whole storyline was shortchanged and we missed out on some opportunity for some great conflict. I would have liked to have seen Captain admit to her crimes and accept the punishment. Now that seems like a much more meaningful ending for a great/flawed character.
It was great to finally see the scene where Dae Gu learns of her treachery and confronts her. We still don’t, and probably never will, know how or why she found and became Dae Gu’s sponsor and I wish we would. Now this is a character I can get behind some redemption scenes. It was really smart of the writers to have Soo Sun reveal the information to him. As we saw, and we guessed before it even happened, if the information had come from Detective Seo, Dae Gu would be honor bound not to believe him. But Soo Sun, their blooming relationship aside, had no connection to the case, she had no ulterior motive to lie about Captain’s actions. Therefore, he had to believe them–as much as it hurt him.
Poor Dae Gu, this was a rough episode for him.
I really liked how he stood up to his *possible* father and told him he didn’t want anything from him when he offered to have the DNA test. That must have been a bit of a slap in the face to Dae Gu–implying his mother was a bit of a ‘ho. After Congressman’s Daughter tore down his mother, it would have been just another instance of them casting aspersions on her. And Dae Gu wasn’t in this for the money–he is here to get justice for his mother. To protect her in a way he wasn’t able to when he was young–and certainly in a way that his father never did.
When the kid started the fight and ripped out Dae Gu’s hair, secretly putting it in a plastic baggy, I had been afraid, thinking that it would be used to plant evidence against Dae Gu somehow–but then I realized what he is probably doing is grabbing it for a DNA test in order to find out if they are truly brothers, and I cheered. The young kid is so cute and you can tell–for better or worse–he really actually wants and already believes he and Dae Gu are brothers. So even if Dae Gu doesn’t come out of this with a father, I have a feeling that he’s going to be stuck with a brother whether he likes it or not.
When we had the Exposition Fairies on their own separate mission–my brain instantly said–what coincidence are they going to find here? And low and behold? They find the stabbers and pendent stealers. Ugh, I am completely in a love/hate relationship with this writer.
I am glad that Tae Il got to have his closure both with catching the men who assaulted him, and, with thorough his letter, his father. We can see some storylines begin to start to get their closure.
Of course, saving the best for last–lets talk Dae Gu and Soo Sun. SQUEE! So many feelz! I love this couple so much they just make me happy whenever they are together. Soo Sun was a little lurker-y this episode, always happening to be wherever Dae Gu was when he suffered a setback. Does she have some sort of spider sense going on with him? Some sort of alert that says “Dae Gu is sad–go to him for potential skinship!”
At first I was a little disappointed in what they have turned her character into–but then when I thought about it–she was the one who dug up the connection between the locker thief and the captain. Without her detective work–they woudn’t have figured it out. So I guess I’m okay. And the skinship makes up for a lot of lacking plot.

Lets watch it again, shall we?


This director officially drives me crazy! Notice this episode where they had some super pretty shots? It’s like they found out how to do it and decided to do it again and again.

It’s a pretty shot–no big deal. But then they are still sticking to the style where they pan the camera behind things? We’ve been in vents, behind blinds, and I’m not sure what was going on with the super squee-worthy scene Dae Gu and Soo Sun, but the interrupted image just kept irritating me! Stop distracting me from the pretty that is going on in front of me! Hrm.
Lets talk about the magically appearing box of band-aids. She clearly does not have the box when they sit down, but then in the next shot, not only does she have the box, and already has the band-aid ready to go. Now, I love the scene so I’m not quibbling, but it does make me laugh.
My heart literally melted when after the bus leaves, she crosses the street and she sees him standing there, looking at her. Have I mentioned I love this couple??1

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