You’re All Surrounded Episode 19: On Top of a Duplicitous Man is a Desperate One

Posted by Stephanie on July 17, 2014



Praise be to Subbers who subbed this episode so fast! I’m thinking that everyone is excited now that we are officially at the end of the line. I can’t believe there is only one more episode left. This episode had some twists that I truly did not see coming and our final villain standing continues to be just horrible. 


What should we hit first? Lets do a little one. Chief didn’t die in the last episode? I’m pretty sure we saw her die. By having her hold on just to die (again) later–isn’t that a bit of a cheat? Don’t get me wrong, I loved the chance Dae Gu had to confront her again–even if she was unconscious. No, he will never get the answers, the closure he needs but we, as an audience, know that if she were have to lived, he wouldn’t have just tossed her away. I’d like to think that eventually he would have if not forgiven, then understood her actions.


And for me? That tear at the very end, while manipulative to the viewer–totally worked for me. It’s the sign that we needed to show that she truly did care for Dae Gu, and was a more proper send-off for what was an incredibly interesting and complex character.


Oh my gosh, when Congressman had the nerve to show up at her funeral? I wanted to punch him in his stupid smirking face. Or, when he offered up the flower, I wanted someone to snatch it up and toss it to the ground–no part of him should taint this woman who he ruined several times over before eventually killing her. Is it too much for me to hope that he dies in the end? Or at least ends up in a horrible jail cell for the rest of his life. Come to think of it, that might be the more suitable punishment. All of his life (and we learned this episode it was allll of his life) he’s done everything in order to gain money and power. Wouldn’t it be fitting to see him at the end, stripped of all that?
But dead works too.
I can’t believe just how evil this man is. At least this episode we got to see a bit of the behind the veil of his daughter, she’s partially crazy as she is because he father has been manipulating her all these years. Now, that doesn’t excuse her actions, she still murdered, attempted to murder, and was a general bitch. But it does give me a smidgen of sympathy for her. Just a smidgen.
Where Congressman has neatly tied the bow, pinning all of his crimes on her, I wonder what she is going to do when she finds out what has happened. Something tells me she is not going to take it well, but what exactly can she do? No one is going to believe her, unless she has evidence, but even then, it’s not like this will help her in any way–she will have to pay for those crimes.
My heart heart for Dae Gu when he realized that his mother died for no reason at all. She was just an unfortunate by product of Congressman’s scheming. It is kind of weird that Soo Sun chose that moment to step outside the room. She has stuck to him like glue every single other time he’s been upset (well, since they declared for each other). Why this time? I’m thinking it’s just so the director could have him freaking out and throwing things (oh the sounds of his through the door–I cried right along with her). Having him in the other room also handily puts him in a perfect place for his dramatic freak out on the prosecutors.
We all knew this was coming, right? Even still, that prosecutor made me so angry!
He’s haughtiness and superiority over the police, knowing he was going to let Congressman walk. Oh the injustice of it all! I certainly don’t blame Dae Gu for wanting to quit and I’m completely understanding the dead chief’s determination to change the law, no matter what the cost. I’m really hoping in this last episode he gets his as well. But that’s a lot of people getting theirs in the span of an hour–so maybe we won’t have time for him.
Can’t wait for this next episode!!


Oh it was so telling the power that Congressman has, when as he left the grave site, he was followed by all the attendants, leaving our group as the only ones left at her grave.
As much as I love dead chief as a character, I was a little irritated at how Detective Seo and Angry Lady Detective rhapsodized over her. Yes, for the post part she was a good cop, but that doesn’t negate what she did. 4

See that they are still in the honeymoon phase with that camera angle. Too bad they didn’t start using it earlier. 3

As we get to the end, I’m soaking in every scene with Dae Gu and Soo Sun. His asking her not to betray him? So sad. And yet at the same time, as he’s able to say the words out loud, it is, at the same time, hopeful. You’d better treat him right Soo Sun! 2

I understand why Detective Seo had to make the grand gesture to resign, but I hope that in the end he gets reinstated. 1

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