Musical Monday: The Choi Jee Hoon Edition

Posted by Stephanie on July 21, 2014


Choi jee hoonThis song is quite different from a lot of our Musical Mondays. Why? It’s just pretty, mellow and pretty. And if you know anything about Musical Monday, we don’t usually do mellow here. On top of that, it’s a Kindie song, so we’re also straying away from the mainstream.

I like Kindie. It’s a little harder to find, a little less accessible than regular kpop. This weekend I was lucky enough to stumble on a vein of different Kindie artists on Youtube and have been indulging that part of my musical tastes. I chose this song as, while talking to Cherry Cordial and not really paying attention, the soft cords just grabbed me and I said out-loud “Oh, this is pretty!” So here it is.

Choi Jee Hoon, Together

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