Musical Monday: The Zitten Edition

Posted by Stephanie on July 28, 2014


Screenshot 2014-07-27 at 4.05.53 PMAs you can tell, Musical Monday is still floating around the land of Kindie. This performer though, I did not find on my own, it was actually recommended to me by a new Korean friend. As we have very similar tastes in Kmusic, I asked him to suggest some things for me, and this, by far, was my favorite as it has a very Nell feeling to it.

And I do like my Nell.

Since the first few songs, I’ve actually listened to a lot of his music and I’m fairly certain, if I can find it somewhere, I’m going to buy the CD. (iTunes, don’t fail me now!) I think that actually looking up his music on Youtube is what got the Kindie entertainment company Mirrorball suggested to me (thanks Youtube for suggesting something I actually am interested in) and it’s their playlists that have been entertaining me while I’ve been sick this last week.

Zitten, White Night

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