Who Did the Rain Dance?

Posted by Stephanie on July 29, 2014

Casting News

My loveable girlBecause someone is making it Rain.

Ahem. Sorry. I couldn’t resist. Anyway, it was announced that Rain will finally be making his drama comeback. (As I’ve never seen him in a drama, I didn’t even think to add him to my recent post of actors we’d most like to see back on the small screen.) His last drama was 2010’s Runway: Plan B which was FOUR years ago.

What a slacker.

Actually, in between these years he’s been pretty busy with thinks like his military service, US movies, his music career, that reality show, and let’s not forget those two epic Running Man episodes. So, I guess he gets a pass on the slacker title.

It’s actually probably a good thing that he waited until now to make his drama comeback as, if it had come sooner, I wouldn’t have been as receptive to it. You know, since I’ve never really hid my previous disdain for Rain. No, disdain is the wrong word. I thought he was cheesy. Yep, big cheese. It was probably had something to do with the fact that the felt it necessary to hook the front of his shirt over the back of his head and writhe around like a fish on land. This didn’t quite have the effect on me he was looking for–rather than falling on the floor, overcome with lust, I was on the floor, overcome with laughter.

Sorry Rain.

But now it’s all changed! Ever since he was released from his military service, with every strategic step he’s made, I’ve become a bigger and bigger fan–so the news that he’s coming back to TV? I’m so excited!!

Apparently the drama is called My Loveable Girl, which is slated for a September premier, is about a disgruntled music producer with the requisite painful past who learns to heal himself through love. I’m in!

Now here’s hoping he can act.

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