The See-Saw of Three Musketeers

Posted by Stephanie on July 31, 2014


3 musketeers tvnAll sorts of teasers are out for Three Musketeers! (Yes, I know this is old news, but I was sick last week so give me a break–pretend it’s new to you.) At first I was pretty much against this drama. And while part of me still boarders the hesitant side, I’m fairly certain, I’m freaking excited about this!

Is it just me or is Kdrama having an awesome year this year?

The long teaser doesn’t really give off much information, except showing off an extended fight scene, and that doesn’t really capture my attention the way a good fight scene should. While I don’t want our cast to get hurt, it kind of looks like they are dancing–a little Joseon West Side Story.

But it’s the individual teasers which get me pretty excited.

Here are two of the musketeers, the gun guy and the sword guy–I’m sure they will get names later.

Yonghwa and the king

And our villaness.


I love the style of these, the music choices strike me as interesting–I hope they keep up the pairing of modern music with the historical goings on. It’s edgy, attention grabbing, and not your every day Saeguk. (Although it is tvN, heaven forbid they do something boring and everyday.)

I also love that the king, actually, he is a prince, kicks some hardcore ass along with the musketeers. Usually the kings in the saeguks irritate me and I was afraid Jin Wook would be wasted in the role, but from the teasers he is dynamic and eye-catching. Maybe this is one royal I can get behind.

Uhoh. Spoke too soon. I decided to Google the real life character he is playing, Crown Prince Sohyeon, and learned, he does not end well. Basically no one in his family ends well.

Now I’m worried–DANG YOU SAEGUKS!

Let’s all cross our fingers that this is one of those dramas where they very liberally adapt the story for TV. Yep, I’m hoping they play fast and lose with the facts. No “just the facts, ma’am,” here.

Three Musketeers begins later this month and will show just one episode a week. Does anyone know if someone is subbing this?

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