Top Five: Attention Grabbing Kpop Videos

Posted by Stephanie on August 1, 2014

Top Five


It’s been a while since we’ve had a Top 5 list, and ‘a while’ is just too long! Here is a list of my Top 5 Attention Grabbing Music Videos. Videos for better or worse that are so outside the box and awesome you can’t look away. Except the last one. The last one just breaks my heart…

MFBTY, Sweet Dreams

top 5 mv5
This is the video which instantly sprung an obsessive love for me, a love for MFBTY, Drunken Tiger, Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, and Bizzy–whatever they want to call themselves. I love this amazing music video, I love their band and all of their music. The video with its dreamlike quality and edgy sharp corners, is just so perfect for this group of musicians. If you haven’t seen it? Watch it! Then go out and listen to their other works.



N.O.M, A Guys

top 5 mv2

Have you seen this crazy-pants video? Seriously. Crazy-pants. I’m not sure what designer put this together and thought it would be 1) accepted positively by anyone and especially 2) the premier video for a new band. I know you want to be edgy and all that, but this may not have been the way to go. You know how I know? I giggle like a little girl whenever I watch it. Which is a lot–as I actually like the song–and I do like giggling like a little girl.

[youtube https://]


Psy Gangnam Style

top 5 mv1

I know we are all so past this video, so past this song that none of us really want to see it again–it’s right there with Aaaallllmoooost Paradise for over overplayed-ness. However, it got billions of views and created a worldwide craze for a reason–it’s freaking awesome. So give it up for Psy, even if we now always get the “You mean like Psy?” when we say we listen to Korean music.

[youtube https://]


BigBang Fantastic Baby

top 5 mv3

This single video spawned a huge fandom–in me. I knew of BigBang before this, I even liked them okay, but it was this one single video, this one single song, which made me sit up and say “THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!” From the very first beats, it just captured me and I haven’t let go since.

[youtube https://https://]


UV Itaewon Freedom

top 5 mv

Not as well known as the other songs, but really, it should be. With the awesomely bad 80’s vintage style, CGI tigers, and a crotch thrust too powerful to be seen, this video is freaking histerical. I even had non-kpop, non-kdrama friends watch it and they loved it so much we watched again and again and again. It just does not get old.


If you won’t let me get away with 6 on a Top 5 list? Well, lets just call this an honorable mention.

Nell, The Day Before

top 5 mv4
This song is different from all the others on the list as, it’s slow, and it makes me cry buckets. Every. Single. Time. How could I not? Mix my favorite band Nell, with Khotties Lee Min Ki and Song Jae Rim in video where the pair is a possible romantic pairing, and the premise is one watching a video of the others suicide looking for a possible clue as to why or just…unable to let that….final…connection go… *sob*. No, really, I’ll be okay, just go about your business…


So this is my list of my Top 5 Attention Grabbing Videos–what are some of yours?

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