Musical Monday: The B1A4 Edition

Posted by Stephanie on August 2, 2014


B1A4 2The last time Cherry Cordial and I were filming the podcast, she pushed pretty hard for our warm up song to be something, anything from B1A4, but I didn’t think I really liked anything by them, so she was overruled. (Not that I’m the boss of Cherry Cordial, she’s just very ‘cordial’ about compromising.) However, looking at it, I’m not entirely certain I gave them an honest chance.

Then this weekend I was putting together a KCON playlist of the artists who will be performing and I came across this song. You know what? I really like it! Not only that, but the video literally made me laugh out loud. I certainly did not see that UFO coming.

B1A4 3

I’d like to think that this will make me a little more open to B1A4, and not mush them in with the usual Kpop boy bands. I guess we’ll find out this weekend at KCON. Woot!

B1A4, Solo Day

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