Dear Uhm Tae Woong,

Posted by Stephanie on August 5, 2014

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valid loveUhm Tae Woong, why do you keep doing this to me? Last week, I almost included you in the post of actors who needed to come back to TV. But then I realized the last piece of crap drama you were in, Can We Love? was actually from this year, and thereby, I could understand why you weren’t signing onto another drama.

Aparently, I underestimated your work ethic. If it’s not too much to ask, please go off and teach this to your other Kdrama actor friends.

On the other hand though, I’m glad I didn’t feature you on the list. If I had, and I were only given one Kdrama casting wish to be granted, and it came out to be you and the new drama you’re considering, I would have been very disappointed.

Look, I think you’re a great actor. I’ve been a big fan since the under-appreciated Doctor Champ. You were amazing in that–if a little underused. It was through you and your storyline alone which kept me watching (or fast forwarding through) Can We Love. What a great character that director was! I wish someone would reedit the drama, just for me, and only keep in your storyline.

However. That being said, Can We Love was a bad drama. And the new drama your considering? Love With Lily, or Valid Love, or whatever you want to call it? Have you heard what it’s about? I quote: The heroine meets her husband when she’s in high school and he’s her teacher and then after eventually marrying him, she starts an affair with a different man.

This sounds fairly terrible. I beg you to reconsider–it hits all the button pushing topics for me, teachers involved with students (I know Kdramas love this, but it squidges me out) and then on top of that, a cheating plotline. So you will either play Creepy Teacher or the Cheaty McCheaterson. Neither of these are okay! I hear you’re being offered Creepy Teacher.

Don’t do it!

After Can We Love, I was determined to watch more of your dramas and movies, however, if you continue to insist on choosing projects like these, I am going to have to reexamine this desire.

Please, Uhm Tae Wong, please reconsider while it is not too late.
Your almost big fan Stephanie

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