Breaking News! Lee Min Ki Leaves For Military Service

Posted by Stephanie on August 8, 2014

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Waaah! We’ve lost another one! Today it was announced that Lee Min Ki has secretly gone off and left us to begin his military service. What the? Here is one we had no notice for, there were no rumors, no whispers, or rumbles that it was his time.
Actually, he’s younger than I though and I’d just assumed he’d already done his time–because really–if you look the hotness level from his early work like I Really, Really Like You to today, it definitely looks like he has reaped the benefits of the post army hotness boost.

Goodness. Can you imagine what he’s going to look like when he’s done his military service? 
The reason he went in so quietly, was due in part to the fact that he’s not going on active duty, he’s going to work in the public service sector. I think sometimes that means police or things like mailman. Could you imagine that?
Postman Lee Min Ki “Can you sign for this package?”
Random Fangirl: Drops dead.
Or maybe that would just be me.
All kidding aside, we are losing some good ones. Song Joong Ki, Yoon Shi Yoon, not to mention the ones who are slated to go this year. I think it’s even harder for us Kdrama fans when the solid actors start to do their service, because not only do we like to look at them, but they are so talented, we know their work is going to be well done, diverse, and attention grabbing. Then what are we left with? Idol actors? Newbies? Young’uns attempting to pull off older characters? Hrm
On the plus side, I believe he filmed one last movie before entering the service, so at least we will have that to look to look forward to…
Good luck Lee Min Ki! But next time? Give a girl a little notice, our hearts can’t take such shocks first thing in the morning.

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