KCON 2014 Concert Special: B1A4

Posted by Stephanie on August 15, 2014


B1A4 KCON IMG_0290

It’s no surprise that I wasn’t a huge B1A4 fan before KCON. Since the line up was announced, Cherry has been trying to get me to listen to them and, while I’m notorious for being a fan of the guy bands over the girls, there are still some bands of the male persuasion who are still a little to cutesy or aegyo for me. And when Cherry described them as ‘aegyo but good’, I figured they were not for me.

B1A4 KCON IMG_0297

Then last week, while doing some research for KCON, I stumbled on their newest release Solo Day, and really liked it. However, I still couldn’t say I had any interest in listening to any of their other music.

B1A4 KCON IMG_0250

Then my flight happened and apparently, in the few years it’s been since I’ve flown last, I’ve become an extremely nervous flyer and for some reason all I wanted to do is listen to the happy that is Solo Day over and over again until the song was firmly embedded in my brains and my fears were pushed aside.B1A4 KCON IMG_0251

After meeting Cherry, and our official vacation DJ, The Mystical Being of Unicorns, at the airport, I put in my request for some B14A, which made Cherry cackle with glee and a few ‘I told you so’s’.B1A4 KCON IMG_0252

By the time the first night of the concert came around and B14A was ready to play, I suddenly turned into a teenaged fan girl.

B1A4 KCON IMG_0294

(Luckily I blended in well with those around me.)B14A KCON IMG_0289

Also luckily? B1A4 did not disappoint.

B1A4 KCON IMG_0284

They were spectacular with all of their songs. Each of the boys were just so adorable, and you can tell that they were having a freaking blast up there–which just made their section of the concert just that much more enjoyable.

B1A4 KCON IMG_0286

How adorable were they?B1A4 KCON IMG_0266

Well, Cherry, was right, they are aegyo but good. Come on, some of the outfits were shorts with knee socks. There is no words to cover that amount of adorable.B1A4 KCON IMG_0304

Then by the end of the concert, one of the guys (I still have to learn names, the only one I know is Baro as he was in last years drama, )B1A4 KCON IMG_0308

put a one of the green leaf headbands that some of the fan girls were wearing during the con and posed prettily for the cameras.B1A4 KCON IMG_0313

Does anyone know if that is their symbol? Like their fan sign? If so, how does a bunch of leaves represent the band?B1A4 KCO  IMG_0279

Even their stage was cute, Above the stage, there were circles, showing the MNET logo and during the performances, the bands had little scenes or backgrounds programmed in. I definitely think that B1A4 had the best one out there. Check it out:20140809_202818-MOTION

Anyway, I digress. As it’s all a happy blur now, I don’t know if they did 4 or 5 songs, but I have a feeling it was only 4. Whatever it was? It was so not enough.

B1A4 KCON IMG_0300

For those of you who are super bummed you didn’t get to see B1A4 in concert, chin up! They are doing their first US tour in October, and they are hitting San Francisco 10/11, Chicago 10/5, Dallas 10/8, and NYC 10/3. Tickets go on sale 8/14. Guess who’s going to the NYC concert?B1A4 KCON IMG_0283

Uhhhh…if you guessed me? YOU WIN!B1A4 KCON IMG_0306

Luckily I came home with some money still in my vacation coffers and plan to put it to good use.B1A4 KCON IMG_0288

I’m going to use this experience to let this be a lesson to myself. I (probably all of us) need to really give something a chance before dismissing it out of hand. Look at the fun you could be missing.B1A4 KCON IMG_0309

Here is a playlist of their set filmed by Yanis Rei:

And apparently AutoAwesome thinks that B1A4 is adorable too–look what the program did to this picture:B1A4 KCON IMG_0266-HEARTS

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