Heal Fast Woobie!

Posted by Stephanie on August 28, 2014


twentyPoor Woo Bin!

Woo Bin is the latest in the line of actors to be injured on set. Apparently during the filming of his latest movie (another one? Come on, Woo Bin, come back to TV already!) the Khottie actor injured his knee requiring an immediate transport to the hospital where an MRI showed that he’d damaged both his ligaments and tendons in his knee.

Oh noes! 

There is really nothing worse than a knee injury, as they are slow to heal and you can’t really just power through it. When T.O.P cut his hand during filming and required surgery, he was easily able to blend the bandage into his character, and it didn’t really hinder the action of the movie. Same thing as Gong Hyo Jin when she was in the car accident during preproduction on It’s Okay, It’s Love. 

I actually know nothing about the movie 20, except that it’s due to come out some time next year. According to MyDramalist, this is the synopsis:

A story about three friends who just turned twenty; an age where you can do whatever you want, love whoever you want with opportunities abroad. The three boys, Chi-ho, Kyeong-jae and Dong-woo turn twenty and learn to expect, to experience and feel.

Which doesn’t really say anything at all.

However, since I will check out anything Woo Bin does (you know, except Heirs) so I’ll keep an eye out on this one. At least it looks like it’s not an action movie, or a gangster movie, because maybe they will be able to blend in an injury more.

I hope that they give him all the time he needs to get better properly. Or I should say, since that’s probably not going to happen, enough time for him to be able to get through so he can get better once its done. Either way:

Get well soon, Woobie!

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