Musical Monday: The Super Junior Edition

Posted by Stephanie on September 1, 2014


super junior 4My boys are back! Welcome back guys, we’ve missed you! Except for you–you know who you are…

So after a long hiatus Super Junior returns with Mamacita. Do I love it? Welllll…. no, not really. It’s not terrible and there are parts of the video which are really super funny. That Siwon–what a ham. I’m just not sure what the song has to do with the western concept. You know, except for when they say say Mamacita, Ayayaya, so it just confuses me a bit.

super junior 2
But again, the song is not terrible, and I did have fun with the western/Mexican bits. You know what I think it is, what’s missing? This video/song needs a little something extra. What is it…hmm….what could it be? Oh right.

It needs more Eunhyuk. EUNHYUK!Super Junior

It’s funny (in a completely unfunny way) how he was barely in the video. Which is probably why the dance was a little ho-hum. At least we have Eunhyuk and Donghae’s sub work to keep us company during the full Super Junior group breaks.

Despite my like-not love for this song, I will be looking forward to purchase the whole CD–because it’s Super Junior–and there is always some good stuff in there.

Super Junior, Mamacita

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