Iron Man–Can I Get A What the Fudge?

Posted by Stephanie on September 2, 2014


ironmanBefore the promos for the new drama Iron Man came out, the only time I had put any real thought into it was the casting of Lee Dong Wook. As in, “Didn’t he just come off a drama??” Has even a month passed since Hotel King ended? On top of his filming the variety show Roommates? Usually with kdrama stars, especially leads, they average about one project a year, and maybe, if are really motivated, two, but they are spaced pretty far apart. As much as we miss them and wish they were superhuman and did more, we completely understand, with the current live shoot system, it takes a lot (some would say too much) out of a person.

So when Lee Dong Wook signed onto another drama, it was a little weird. But….since Hotel King didn’t as well as they hoped, despite what I hear was a lot of shirtlessness, and Roommates is breaking apart at the seams, maybe his people figured it was best to get right back up on that horse and bring him back.

I tried to be less cynical about it and figured, maybe he read the script and loved it. Yeah, that’s it….

However, this week, when the posters and more of the actual plot were released? I was pretty shocked. I thought the Iron Man title was just a figurative thing. Not so real. Then when I saw the poster I thought maybe they just really wanted to emphasize the distance between him and others around him.

But no.

Those are literal knives coming out from his back. The reason why he’s so sad? He has a broken heart and can’t get close to people because he has knives coming out of his back. Like a morose, less-sexy Wolverine. How will that even work? I’m guessing they are retractable? How did he even get them? His shirt bills must be huge.iron man

This one is more interesting, But what with the bad Photoshop? I have terrible Photoshop skills and even I could have done better than that…

In all the speculation, I guess the poster did it’s job–but as I’m sitting here with literal stink face thinking about it, I’m not sure it’s probably the attention they are looking for.

And it might, possibly, be time for Lee Dong Wook to learn how to say no to a project.

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