Musical Monday Part 2: The Can You Name This Song Edition

Posted by Stephanie on September 15, 2014


Hey guys! I posted this on Instagram this weekend and was hoping maybe someone here could help. Thea and I were in the Korean area of Flushing and I was showing her the cutest little shop. In this cutesy little cute shop they played the weirdest collection of music, we walked into something from the Frozen soundtrack, then it was Kpop, then a hardcore ‘bitches & ‘ho’s’ American rap song, then later this rap song. This one is Korea and I just can’t place who is performing or what the song is. It does have a harder edge to it, (what I recorded was the chorus) so I don’t think it’s a kpop group doing a rap number.

Any ideas?

At a cute Korean shop playing a not cute K-rap song which I like. Anyone know who it is?

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