Musical Monday: The Infinite Edition

Posted by Stephanie on September 16, 2014


Very exciting news on the musical front guys! The first Kpop band I’ll see as an official city dweller has been decided. It’s Infinite! What made me decide on Infinite as my inaugural showing? Well. Yeah. They were the first ones to schedule anything in New York.

So I don’t really know anything about Infinite besides the fact that 1) one of members, L, was in Shut Up Flower Boy Band and more recently on Barefoot Friends and 2) they share the same company as my favorite band, Nell. And Nell says that Infinite is hands down the moneymakers of the company.

I guess it’s time to bone up on my Infinite knowledge then, huh? Although, I have to say, whether I like them or not, I’m going to go to that concert. It’s the principal of the thing. My first–lookee what I can do!

As right now I’m mid move, it makes some of the stress go away, like a big signal which says “You’re making the right decision!” Actually–a bigger signal would have been if Nell themselves were playing.

But lets not quibble.

Special Girl (featuring Bumkey)

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