Friday Fun: If Kdrama Watching Were My Job…

Posted by Stephanie on September 19, 2014


If watching Kdrama was my job, I’d be an ace employee.
I’d come in early, I’d work late.
I’d take work home with me.
Dark circles would be my new look.kdrama sleep is for suckers

If Kdrama Watching Was My Job
I’d be one of those people who were smugly satisfied all the time.
I’d boast to all my friends about my totally awesome job.
I’d name drop everywhere.kdrama cool

If Watching Kdrama Was My Job
I’d be really good at it.
My other co-workers would be so envious of my watching skills.
I’d be getting promotions and raises all the time.KDRAMA SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST

If Watching Kdrama Was My Job
I’d never quit.
Like ever.
No need for a retirement plan for me, I’m here 4 Life!kdrama last episode

If Kdrama Were My Job
And you tried to take it from me?
Well, I suggest you think twice on that.
You know…for your own safety.Kdrama cut a bitch

If Kdrama Were My Job
I would never date.
Who could stand up to stand up to such fictional perfection?
Or those abs?Kdrama boyfriend gong yoo

If watching Kdrama was my job?
I’d be happy.
Wouldn’t you?kdrama best job

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