You From Another Star Coming Here?

Posted by Stephanie on September 23, 2014


It seems like we are getting closer and closer to an actual Kdrama making it on the air as a US remake. We. Are. Getting. So. Close. (You know, for better or for worse.) It’s almost a wonder who is going to make it first? Joo Won’s Good Doctor? Nine? Answer Me 1997? Grandpa’s Over Flowers? Or the newest contestant–You From Another Star.

As other countries are hurrying (legally and illegally) to remake this crazy-popular drama themselves, it makes sense that the US would at least think about wanting to get in on that.

If you think about it, You From Another Star‘s plot would translate well to American television. Interesting hook, sexy people, over the top villains, and a great OTP. Although does American TV have OTP’s? Eventually, if they are on the air long enough don’t they hop around? It’s one of the things I hate about US TV. However, if the entire premise is about the two of them together, perhaps they will actually get together–after 8 or 9 seasons….


This drama may have a leg up on the other possible drama imports as it has a network in ABC–so I imagine it will be fairly sudsy. Has seemingly competent writers attached and is scheduled to possibly hit the airwaves in January, filming the pilot later this year.

There is even information on the plot (from Soompi)

“ABC’s take is described as epic supernatural love story about a world-famous pop star, Lark, and her anti-social neighbor, James, who happens to be from another planet. Disillusioned by the pettiness of human nature, and a resident of Earth for the past several hundred years, James has a centuries-old rule that he will never use his abilities to intervene in the lives of the people around him. But when he gets a premonition that the infuriatingly self-centered but compelling Lark is going to be murdered, James finds himself drawn into her chaotic life and falling deeply in love — just as he finally has the chance to return to his home in the stars.”

Now, I’d say that sounds interesting and I’d watch it–you know–for about one season, which is about as long as my attention span will allow me to stick around for.

I wonder, wouldn’t it be funny if all these dramas hit the US airwaves at the same time? Like suddenly there was a giant, I don’t know….Hallyu Wave here on the US shores? There are people out there who watch remakes and then check out the originals. Are we ready for a giant influx of fans? I wonder what that would mean for the fandom, for Korean entertainment, as the US is a fairly large market. I will be interested to see where this goes.

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