Step One: Alphabet Step Two: World Domination

Posted by Stephanie on September 25, 2014


IMG_20140920_134440If you follow me on social media, you’ll already know this, but just shhh…and pretend like it’s new news.

I started my first Korean class! My friend Mari found one for us to take here in the city that wasn’t super crazy expensive. Now, my class is the super basic, basic, basic class. So basic it’s 10 weeks on the alphabet. But for me? This is exactly how slowly I need to go. My ability to absorb languages is a skill which I lack. You’d never know it from my rambles here, but even English is something I stumble on.

Thanks be to my grammar coach Anne who spent hours and hours pounding rules into my brain over coffee.

Anyway, I sit there in class, with my deerp face on, understanding about half the class, and then I go home and cram. A lot. So I expect my drama watching to take a serious hit for the duration. You know, because I need another distraction between me and Kdrama watching… I just keep telling myself that, in the long run, I’m doing this for the benefit for my kdrama watching. Imagine the things I’ll be able to watch if I ever get to the point where I’m almost understanding what’s being said? No longer waiting for subs like the rest of you schmoes!


Class One? Success! Completely fluent

Ahem. Just kidding.So every Saturday, I’ll be marching in with the rest of my brethren–which–believe it or not, is around 30 students! All ages, ethnicity’s and genders. Frankly I was super surprised by the turn out as in my brain I was expecting more more like 6. I was really excited how popular learning Korean is. Of course, since the teacher had to explain to a confounded student why girls don’t use Noona, I can say that not everyone who is there is not supporting a raging kdrama fanaticism.


Troublemakers of Korean 101

Now, for some people, having that many people in the class is a bad thing, but for me? Total upside! I’m able to blend in with the crowd, with my half understanding, and then when class is over I escape and learn the rest alone in the embarrassment free anonymity of my own home.20140920_164244

Some people have milk and cookies after class, we run to Paris Baguette for some studying and patbingsu!So cross your fingers for me and I’ll keep you updated!

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