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Posted by Stephanie on September 26, 2014


surplus princess 2
Whoa! TV watchers certainly didn’t see this coming. Today news was released that tvN cut Surplus Princess from 14 episodes down to 10. Adding insult to injury, the drama just aired episode 8, has episode 9 completed, which means they have all of one episode, a mere 50ish minutes to clear up all the storylines and end in less than a WTF way.

I just don’t see how that is going to happen.

What went wrong with this drama? This coming from someone who only watched half of the first episode, but that part of the episode was funny! And I’ve heard a lot of people who are actually pretty hooked on the drama. So why the sudden ax? 

tvN says that this is not due to a failure of the drama, they are just doing it to help it make the show better, you know, like a mama bird gently shot-putting it’s baby out of the nest. And that nest is in a really tall tree. Yeah…right. You say this and yet I’ve been witness to your other dramas, dramas which, while good, could most definitely have been helped by some episode cutting.*cough*Nine*cough*. 

I think we can all look between the lines and realize it probably more has to do with the slipping ratings than any sort of quality control. tvN, the usual cable ratings leader has a batch of dramas which aren’t really performing as well as what is now expected of them. I wonder what this means. In the episodes that I didn’t see, had the quality dipped? Was it just ill conceived from the start? Do the costs of whatever production costs that are required to make the mermaid come to life deemed to costly with the ratings slump? I honestly can’t imagine that people liked Nail Shop Paris more than this one. (Also a quirky tvN drama)

In the long run what does this mean for tvN? Did they just take too many chances on their programming this season (although the only other drama I know of is Three Musketeers which is also another one episode a week drama. But with the Joseon time period, I’d imagine that one is pretty pricy to produce.) Are people burning out on the cable dramas? Could this mean that they may be more hesitant in the future to take the chances they are known for, that we’ve come to expect from them?  My heart goes NOOOO!

Okay, I think I’ve just turned into Chicken Little–“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

I’ll be interested to see what happens with Surplus Princess. Are the writers going to be able to rally back and end it on a high note? If I remember from the beginning, we already saw the end as the story is told as a flash back, are they going to be able to match that?

Hmm…this is one of those times where I’m happy I’m not a simulcaster.

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