I Am Ashamed

Posted by Stephanie on September 30, 2014


One of the things we as Kdrama fans have to deal with on almost a daily basis in our real lives (not here on the internetz, as here online, especially if you are savvy enough to find blogs like this you are among friends) are the side looks, the “what the?”s, and sometimes, if your really lucky, pointed and sneering looks or comments about your Kdrama obsession.

People just don’t get it.

And for the most part, that’s okay, there was a time when we didn’t get it either. When we stumbled on Kdrama or Kpop and had our own “what the?” expressions on our faces. As much as we all know now how awesome it is and how much everyone’s lives would be better–or at least more fulfilled–if they kdrama a chance, we, when we step back a bit, can understand their initial questions.  

With that in mind, just the other weekend, a friend of mine from New Hampshire sent me a text, asking if I was available for dinner because she and her sister were in town to see Strome. Uhhh….Strome? I had no idea what that was. Before replying, I did a quick Google to see if Strome was some cool NYC thing that I, as a proud transplant, should not admit to not being aware of. The only thing Google came up with was some hockey player and, knowing my friend Lindsey, I figured that probably wasn’t it. So I asked her. What is Strome? Her response?

Belgian singer.

And for that split second, I got stink-face. A Belgian singer? How do you know a Belgian singer? And why would you travel 8 hours to come see said Strome? Weird.

And that’s when I froze.

How is her traveling 8 hours to see a Belgian singer any different than me traveling 8 hours to see a South Korean boy band–which is exactly what I did when I lived in New Hampshire and treked to New York to see Big Bang. And more importantly, how was my reaction any different than the ones that I usually get when telling people about kdrama? Or Kpop?

It’s not. On either account.

I was instantly ashamed of myself. Or contrite. Do I now want to go out and check out this Strome? Delve into the ins and outs of Belgian music? No. But I wish her well on her own adventure.

So there, for a brief moment I understood those people around us who just don’t get it a little bit better. Again though, there is the difference between the people who are blown away by the initial information that not only does South Korea have music/tv and I like it (I literally had the thought–does Belium have music?) and those in our lives who have that information and still belittle us. “How’s that,” condescending eyebrow wiggle, “Korean music going?”

Those guys are just jerks and probably ate bugs when they were young. There is no help for them.

But I’m going for the rest of them, I’m going to try to remember to cut them some slack. But more essentially, I’m going to struggle to not become one of them again.

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