Tomorrow Cantabile–I’m Out. Again

Posted by Stephanie on October 2, 2014


tomorrow cantabileThe hour of Tomorrow Cantabile is almost upon us. Poster are out, character pictures have been glanced upon, and the teasers have been teased. This drama has had me teetering on the fence for a while leaning closer and closer to’….ah…why not?’.

Then, while watching the last teaser, my reaction flipped back to “Awww….hellz no!” All the other promotional material had the effect of casting an almost rosy glow to the series, pulling out what I liked or admired and smartly pushing back all the hair pulling ire raising parts.


Wasn’t that cleaver of them?

But the last teaser ripped off my rose colored glasses and sanity was restored. Okay. That’s probably a little over dramatic, a little over the top, a little like….what I didn’t like about the original Nodame?

It had looked like the production had decided to (I would say wisely) strip out the slapstick and leave the good bits and–as I’ve said before–there are good bits. But from the teaser I can see that it’s back. My one hope is that perhaps the slapstick is just limited to the first couple of episodes. Anyone else notice that kdramas do that? Act in an over the top manner the first few episodes as if to pull in the watchers attention only to settle down as the story goes on.

I guess only time will tell. What I can tell you for sure is that I will not be simulcasting this drama–I will be lurking from behind hoping for the best. Or maybe not the best, maybe I’ll just hope for a drama that I might be mildly interested in and won’t make me angry. That’s not too much to hope for, is it?

Is it?

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