Kdrama Filming Get’s Another One

Posted by Stephanie on October 8, 2014


park hae jinM-Wave broke the news today that Park Hae Jin collapsed after filming Bad Guys. Dude. We were just talking about that show and how much I (and apparently you guys) wanted to see it!

He collapsed at his home and was rushed to his hospital where he was diagnosed with, you’ve got it, exhaustion (or edema of the lymph noes due to fatigue to be exact). The doctors told him he needed to rest for several days and, being the kdrama star he his, he ignored the doctors orders and basically went right back to work.

What the fudge? Come on guys, this isn’t safe! 

It makes me laugh how Cherry and I were just taking about the Korean filming system during one of the last podcasts. We talked about how we thought that cable dramas were a step above networks and their actor breaking live shoot system.

This is just proof that we are not Kdrama experts.

Actually, we’re about half right. For this particular drama, though the first episode just premiered this week, the production team is busily filming the second half of the drama. Which would think that this would allow actors a little…leeway if they collapse, unconscious and are rushed to the hospital.

He’s not the only member of the cast to have been injured one actor injured his neck and another hurt his leg and has shingles (um. Shingles. Can we blame that on the production?) Anyway, the joke is among the cast is that they are “Guys with Bad Bodies.”

I hope that someone makes him take the time to rest.

Upside? The drama’s first episode premiered in first place, which makes it look better for any of the big 3 picking it up here to sub (currently Dark Smurf is the only place to find it) and this news allows me to put in the promo video of Park Hae Jin that I didn’t have space for in the last post:

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