What A Difference A Couple of Hours Make

Posted by Stephanie on October 9, 2014

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Earlier today, I saw the news that Lee Dong Gun was considering starring in a new tvN drama and I literally squeeed out loud. I really like Lee Dong Gun and was just the other day thinking about him, hoping that he hasn’t given up on acting and will be picking up a new drama soon.

Then there it was, an answer to my K-prayers. Not only had he been offered a new drama and was considering it, but it was also for the leading role! I could hardly contain my happiness and was determined to write a post celebrating after getting back from the gym.

As I settled down at my computer, that’s when I saw it. The news that he’d turned down the part. What the?? NOoooo!

I’ve had a soft spot for the actor through the drama, When It’s At Night. He was also in last years Mi Rae’s Choice, but since then we haven’t heard a single peep from him. Which didn’t really surprise me as he always seems to be on the edge of chucking it all. There was a long gap between When It’s At Night and  his military service, then, when he left the military service, despite several rumors, it was a good year before he signed onto Mi Rae’s Choice (Or Marry Him If You Dare). 

So when the information came out of the blue that he was being considered, I was super excited. And just as perplexed that he’d turned it down–so I looked a little closer. The drama is being produced by the producer of Coffee Prince and Golden Time, which one was a smash hit, now considered a classic shooting several actors into stardom and the other was…solid. Ahem. I couldn’t see how that would be a deterrent.

The production is currently courting Choi Kang Hee as the heroine. Here’s another actor we haven’t seen in a while–if I’m not mistaken–since the troubled Civil Service Level 7. While I wouldn’t touch that drama with a 10 foot pole, I actually loved her in Protect the Boss. It might have been because of the character–it seemed to suit her very well. So, solid actress, probably wasn’t that.

Lets move to the plot. It’s a medical drama set in a psychiatric ward. Hmm…didn’t that just happen in It’s Okay, That’s Love? Is therapy this years time travel? the heroine is someone who has a condition who blushes and to cover it she dresses as an old lady. Ummm….what the? What the fudge sort of premise is that? That alone gives me a case of stink-face and would make me want to step back from the drama.

The hero is the psychiatrist (lets just cross our fingers that he’s not hers) who is dealing with the trauma of his older brothers death.

It was this that made me step back and go awwww…. On the one hand, I’m definitely more intrigued by the doctor hero rather than the whack-job heroine, but on the other hand I can’t help but understand if this might be one of the things that made him step back as Lee Dong Gun’s own brother had been murdered. On the one hand people may say that this would give more weight to the character, give it a more realistic emotional depth, but I can definitely see how this would be an incredibly hard role to knowingly step into.

I have decided to take solace in the fact that while he has decided to not take this role,we have real proof that he hasn’t officially given up acting, and it may be at some point in the future that we’ll be able to see him up on our screens again.

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