Superstar Super Comback? Plus A Bonus Giveaway!

Posted by Stephanie on October 16, 2014


Kim soo hyunWell, with a now wide string of successes in his wake, Kim Soo Hyun seems to have firmly planted himself on the superstar list.

Now if only I could make myself finish You from another star….

Anyway, turns out that he is now beginning to think of his next project, and word on the K-street is that it may be a drama (yay) written by the same writer of Sungkyunkwan Scandal (yay) about a doctor with a multiple personality disorder. (Ya….um wait a minute…what?).

So close to being something I wanted to watch! The drama, Dr Frankenstein, seems to be a weird take on the story. Isn’t that more of a Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde thing? Oh, right, but that story is already on the fast track to air later this year as Hyun Bin’s return to drama vehicle. 

Is split personalities the new thing? Or just mental issues in general (so we can add in It’s Okay, It’s Love) While I was initially excited about the Hyun Bin project,  for some reason this give me a case of the ‘what the?’s. Maybe it’s the title? As having Frankenstein invokes a certain image in your head, and this doesn’t really match it, maybe my brain just skitters to a halt.

I wonder what the Hyde’s (I think that’s what the other project will be called) production people will think of this encroacher of their territory. Are we going to be seeing lots of in-fighting, lawsuits, and racing to the airwaves like we did with Dr Jin and Faith? It is interesting that both projects have (potentially in the case of Mr Kim) such big stars attached to them.

While I am a big fan of Kim Soo Hyun and I really hope he does come back to TV very soon, I personally hope he takes a pass on this project–I think he can do better.

With that being said, I think this is the perfect time to do a giveaway. I just happened to pick up a couple of posters brazened with the man in question at KCon, and this might be the perfect time to unload a couple of them on one of you fine readers.

…unless you don’t want Kim Hoo Hyun’s pretty, pretty face in your house. What a sad thought.

To win these two, (yes you get both!) posters*: Comment below and tell me what you think of this new project.

*You are very lucky I am running this contest and not my friend Thea. Here are her suggestions (some would say hoops to jump through) to win the posters:

  • Write a short explanation filling in the ending of Dream High
  • Write the perfect Kim Soo Hyun CF
  • Pick a side: Kim Soo Hyun or Lee Min Ho
  • write Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho Slash fic
  • Photoshop my picture into a scene with Kim Soo Hyun

Winner will be announced when he declines this offer in the Monday’s Musical Monday post (contest now closed)

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