M.I.B? Turns Out I’m A Fan!

Posted by Stephanie on October 17, 2014

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MIB Korea Festival 4

At last weekends Flushing’s Korean Chuseok Festival the Kpop band M.I.B closed out the show. Before the performance, I was all “Eh, M.I.B, run of the mill, mid-level Kpop band”.

MIB Korea Fesival 10

When I left the performance? I was all “Hey, why haven’t I listened to these guys before?”

MIB Korea Festival

M.I.B is not the usual Kpop band, as in they have a slightly harder sound, which is not that pop.

MIB Korea Festival 5

Which means their sound is hits me in my wheel house.

MIB Korea Festival 3

It also makes me understand why they aren’t quite as…well known(?) as others. I actually did recognize one of their songs, and looking back, it turns out I had done it as a Musical Monday.

MIB Korea Festival 8

In the post, I wasn’t sure if I liked it. After hearing them perform it live? Yep, I fallen on the side of “That song is awesome!”

MIB Korea Festival 7

Sometimes seeing a band in person can have that effect on you.

MIB Korea Festival 12

And I got to see them for free! This is not bragging, this is me saying, Kpop tickets are pretty expensive.

MIB Korea Festival 2

Someone asked me what they sang, unfortunately, since I didn’t know the band, I had no idea. But luckily, not only did a Youtuber TheEpikNasties record the entire performance, they also put the set list in. (Bounce, G.D.M, Money In the Building, Lets Talk About You, Men In Black/Dash)

MIB Korea Festival 13

Check out the performance here, keep your eye out for the cute old man who starts dancing at about the 2 minute mark.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS6MI959T7A]

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