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Epik high

Yay! Epik High has finally come back!

Wait. That seems to vanilla for this curse laden, porn filled, return to almost basics song. Hmm… let’s see if I can do better.

Yo! Epik High be back in the hiz-ouse? No? Epik High is back and these bitches be crazy? No?

Well, I give up then.

They are back and after listening to their first song, Born Hater, I can’t help but wonder what their reception will be. Their last CD, 99, their first with the YG label, and, coming from someone who owns all of their work, I can say it was a little…pop-y-er than their usual fair. I think this got them a lot of brand new fans. Just going from this song, I think it may be more along the lines of their older work. More rap, less pop.Will the new fans follow?

And what’s with all the guests? In this song alone there were a lot of them. Although, I have to say, it makes me love Bobby even more. I say I can’t wait for Icon to premier, but really, I can’t wit for Icon to come out so Bobby will become popular, spin off, and do his own CD.

I’m thinking long term for my fandom here…

This makes it sound like I don’t like the song, which would be wrong. I do like it, but then again, I love almost everything that Epik High comes out with and will always be greatful for Jess Unni over at Crazy Ahjummas for getting me to listen to them.

I like the video too. For some reason I’m fascinated with the choice to film it vertically. It catches the eye and throws you off center right from the start. I was surprised by the flipping off and uncensored swearing, which oddly, I found a little shhmexy.

Sidenote: As a person who lives in the city now, I’ll tell you that roaches move a hell of a lot faster than you’d think and would not just stand there while you swat at them. I shuddered just watching it. (This is a nice view into the weird places Stephanie’s brain goes to at any given moment.)

Looking forward to seeing not only the rest of the music, but also what the reaction from other fans will be.

Epik High, Born Hater

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