A Bucket Full of Meh

Posted by Stephanie on October 21, 2014


flying fudgeIt may be because I’m super busy trying to keep up with my Korean class, and I’m out of the new drama loop. It may be because the last couple of dramas I did manage to fit in were duds, causing me to lose my taste for the thing. Or maybe, just maybe, it could be that Kdrama is having a lackluster season. Whatever it is?

I’m experiencing a bucket full of mehs. Big fat mehs.

Is there anything out there now or upcoming that makes you excited? That makes you sit up and go, YES, this is what I watch Kdrma for!

Could be I’m just in a mood. Just last night I watched one episode of Hotel King, and thought, eh, I guess I’ll keep going. Then realized it’s over 30 freaking episodes and said “Aww hellz no!” and didn’t pick up another episode.

I wonder if I should just stop trying to put so much focus on this years shows–there are still so many of the backlist titles I need to go through. Limitation is bad, right?

You know what? I just thought of something. Possibly something brilliant! Maybe subconsciously I’m making dramas seem meh because I don’t have a lot of time to watch, and my life would be so sad if there were lots of dramas I wanted to watch and couldn’t.

It’s possible I’ve also meandered.

I’ve been pondering over this topic for a while, but it wasn’t until this weekend that I faced the terrible truth. Scrolling through Instagram (love me some Instagram) I came across this video from Ji Chang Wook. I was all, “wow!” as I like him and I’ve never actually seen him do an action role before.
KBS월화 힐러 영상이에요! 만들어주셔서 감사합니당!!! 12월 방송입니다 기대해주세요!! 인스타영상 말고 정확한 영상은 http://youtu.be/fQJsxmlzIBY 요기로!!!!!! #힐러 #KBS월화드라마 #지창욱 #대박 #뜀박질 #힘내
A video posted by 지창욱 (@jichangwook) on Oct 10, 2014 at 10:11pm PDT
Going to my drama list to check the synopsis, I read this:

Healer: Kim Moon-Ho (Yoo Ji-Tae) is a popular reporter at major broadcasting company. One day, he learns the truth of a case that took place in the past. He intentionally approaches people who are related to the case and helps them. While doing so, he agonizes over the truth and beliefs.

Ugh. Think I’ll pass.

Pride and Prejudice, like the actors, the premise leaves me cold. Actually, I keep wondering how they are going to keep the sexy beast, Choi Min Soo strapped into a suit.
That just ain’t fittin’.

modern farmer
Modern Farmer? Eh. I watched a promo with a deer in the road which made me sad–and I have trouble buying Hong Ki as anything but Jeremy…and Hong Ki. Not to mention, what were they thinking naming the band EXO? Did they just think that was going to slip by everyone?

rosy lovers
Rosy Lovers? Not lovin’ it. Again, it’s the premise. Baek Jang Mi, a second-year, university student majoring in fashion design, who is a spoiled princess and a ‘mama’s girl.’ You know what I hate more than spoiled Chaebols? Spoiled girl chaebols.

doctor frost
This one isn’t going to be popular, but I’m even feeling cold towards the new tvN drama, Doctor Frost. It reminds me of God’s Quiz, minus the cuddly, smart-ass Dr Han. If the main character literally can’t feel feelings, how can we have any sort of character growth? And I’m not entirely certain Song Chang Eui can pull off the character.

Harumph. An old Grandma harumph to everything.

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