Friday Fun: Top 5 Of My Most Craveable Korean Food

Posted by Stephanie on October 24, 2014

Top Five

korean craveablesFall has arrived. The day is cold and rainy. So my brain should say, warm blanket and hot chocolate, right? Or warm soup and fuzzy sweaters? Yeah. Maybe before this Kdrama addiction happened–or more specifically before I had ready access to Korean food. When I sat at work staring out the window looking at the rain, chill settling in (ahem…I mean working, working very hard) I had cozy fantasies of some lovely cheese ddukboki. And I was hit with the realization–my cravings have changed.

Here is a list of my top 5 Most Craveable Korean Foods.

1) Ddukboki. ddeokboki

This was a big surprise to me as the first couple of times I had this spicy rice cake treat, I didn’t really like it. But the last time I was in Flushing with Thea, we shared a plate of ddukboki smothered in cheese. It was warm and mushy, and just a little bit spicy. It’s possible where this is a case where cheese makes everything better.

2) Bubble Tea. bubble tea

Here is another thing that I didn’t like the first time I tried it. Turns out? Not the bubble tea, it was the place that was making it. Now? I feel sad when my drink doesn’t have tapioca bubbles. Who doesn’t want to chew their drink? The best places, allow you to customize your tea, and if so, I ask for it to be half sweet. Trust me, Korean beverages are so freaking sweet, by asking for less sugar syrup, you are not missing out on anything–unless it’s the Type 2 Diabetes.
My favorite place in town is Vivi tea, and I can often be found smuggling some into Korean movie night in my purse.
bubble tea 2

3) Seasoned Bean Sprouts seasoned bean sprouts

This unassuming banchan dish is probably one of my favorite things to eat here. It seems easy enough to make. Beansprouts. Sesame Oil. Sesame Seeds. But do you think I can recreate it? (Unless you haven’t guessed, that would be a big fat no.) The taste is light and crunchy and I’ll pick up a couple of containers whenever I pass my nearest HMart.

 4) Bibim Naeg Myuncold korean soup

After first getting past my “Ugh, cold noodle soup?” and trying this cold noodle dish with beef, buckwheat noodles, cucumber, Asian pear, and egg, I was completely hooked this summer. Hooked so bad I would make up excuses which would find myself in Ktown so I could eat it on a super hot day. Or a medium hot day. Or a day that was mildly warm. The side dish is Cha Soo, a seasoned boiled porkbelly. So freaking Delicious. I’m still not absolutely sure I’m eating this right, but really? I just don’t care. I can’t wait for the warm weather to come again so I can get my slurpy-slurpy noodles on.

5) Kimchikimchi

There was a point where I ate kimchi and maybe, just possibly, pretended I liked it. Liked it because, as a Korean fan, I really, really wanted to like it. I remember asking the sales clerk how could know when it when bad (because it always smells bad). But I’m happy to announce, Kimchi and I have moved to the next stage and our relationship, and I think it’s love.

Honorable mention: Samanco

Fish shaped ice cream. Lately I’ve been craving this like mad! fish ice cream
So here is my list of most craved Korean foods–what are yours?

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