Musical Monday: The Song Ji Eun Edition

Posted by Stephanie on October 27, 2014


Song ji eun

I did manage to restrain myself from making Epik High my Musical Monday choice 2 weeks in a row, as they have released even more videos that I like even more than than their first one. Just barely.

Ahem. But I’m looking at you next Monday!

Anyway, I came across this song from Song Ji Eun, who I’ve never actually heard of before, and can I tell you? I really, really like this song!

You know me, I don’t usually like the lady artists, and the soloists usually less so, but this song isn’t ballad-y nor is it dripping in R&B. Actually, if I still drove, I could imagine myself playing this loudly with the windows rolled down, doing my best to sing along. (One of the things I miss most living in the city.)

The video is also a little freaky and twisted, and, don’t you think, just perfect for this Halloween week?

I will absolutely be purchasing this song, and will be eagerly checking out her others.

Song Ji Eun, Don’t Look At Me Like That  (ahem…apparently because if you do, she’ll go Carrie on your effing behinds…)

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