Posted by Stephanie on October 27, 2014


yoon shi yoonLets all say together–SQUEEE~!

Yoon Shi Yoon (remember him?) has been spotted. Guys. Not kidding, I was just thinking about him yesterday, thinking it had been a long time since we’d had an update. And low and behold the Gods of Kdrama have smiled down upon us! Apparently, he is on his first leave from the marines since he joined this May.

He looks good right? Thinner, yes. Tanner, absolutely. But his smile is still there! And he’s earned some lovely arm muscle veins.

Come on, I’m not the only one that that’s a thing for.
I have to say he actually looks a lot better here than he did in our last update:yoon shi yoon 2

–granted that was a photo of him as soon as he got out of basic training. I’m guessing basic training will take a lot out of a guy–it’s nice to see him healthier and, well, smiling.

This picture literally makes me very, very happy. So happy my stomach is doing a little jig. Of course then I remember he has over a year before he gets out and my brain goes Nnnoooooo! I miss you, Yoon Shi Yoon–not enough to watch Baker King, but enough to think about it seriously, before putting it back on the shelf.

Enjoy your vacation!

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