Pinocchio Reverse Teases

Posted by Stephanie on October 29, 2014


pinnochioYou know a surefire way to make me less interested in Lee Jung Suk’s new drama Pinocchio? Ahem…. that would be to put him in this terrible wig.

What the fudge??? Who’s decision was this? His? Was it a “I don’t want people to think of me as just a pretty face–I am an actor!” No? Well, I was just guessing. I can’t imagine the production team looked at that and thought it was a great idea–hide their lead under a mop of–well, that can’t be hair. Watching the teaser I was literally distracted by it.

Could it be that the hair is part of the character? Like a character trait? If so, I hope then that part of the plot will be getting him a haircut.


And what’s up with this teaser?

Isn’t Park Shin Hye just as highly billed as Lee Jung Suk? Didn’t her last drama do better than his? And isn’t she actually the Pinocchio that they are referring to? Taking all that into consideration you’d think she’d appear more prominently than a silluette in the last few seconds. I hope, for her sake, well, and the sake of the show, that they come out with a teaser focused on her and her character. Or even his actual character rather than his face. And the hair.

Unless the hair is a third character? Here’s hoping the hair kisses better than other members of the cast….

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