Friday Fun: Kdrama Inspired Halloween Costumes

Posted by Stephanie on October 31, 2014

Fun Friday

Friends forcing you out of your house and away from your TV in order to interact with others and celebrate the holiday? Worried about missing out on primo-drama watching time? You can’t relate to any of the current pop culture costumes out there? Don’t worry, we here at Crazy For Kdrama have got your back. Here are a few kdrama inspired costume ideas to spice up your holiday!

Flower Boy Next Door

Who wouldn’t want to be the cuddly Panda–I mean Enrique?Panda

Extra points if you have the guts to try this version:

panda 2
Want to make it a couple costume? Well where would the Panda be without his Ahjumma?dokomi

Don’t forget the hot water bottles! And no Ahjumma is complete without her yellow binoculars

Master’s Sunmasters sun

Some Dark circles, a Jeasus Save Me Nightgown, tangled hair, and a haunted look is all you need to pull off this costume.


Kpop is rife with halloween costumes! Here are just a few of the options out there:

Any look from Orange Caramel would make you the star of any Halloween party.halloween costumes

GDragon: Come on, how much fun would that seaweed hair be to pull off? Of course then you’ll have to be careful not to drag it through the bean dip!


Check out your closet, blue suit? Check. Giant bow tie? Check. Red ‘stache? Check! Well then you are only one creepy baby doll away from your own T.O.P costume.13426466

That a little too hard for you? Put it off until last minute? Thea has a great suggestion for you! Toss on a pair of tight jeans, sunglasses, and a plaid shirt with the EXO symbol crossed out on the back. Instant Kris costume!crayon pop

Get! Ready Set! Go! You and your friends will be Jumping, yeah Jumping–everybody! in your coordinating Crayon Pop outfits.

Boys Over Flowers

Got a curling iron? Can you pull off a haughty sneer? The JunPyo may be for you!junpyo

Here’s another chance at a couple costume–toss in JunPyo’s own Ahjumma (come on, how could that have been a makeover? She looked like an old lady.)ahjumma

Greatest Love

AeJung had some pretty epic costumes throughout this drama, but who could forget her as the frog? Certainly not her! Maybe you could find your own Dok Ko Jin to recreate the hopping the turnstile!greatest love 80

Park Shin Hye
All you need is overly puckered lips, some bulging fish eyes, and a “why is this super hot guy who I love kissing me” look on your face, and you’ve nailed the Park Shin Hye costume!park shin hye

Secret Garden
Time to break out the sequins!secret garden

Another chance for a couple costume! Yellow sweatshirt? Grey knitted hat? This is going ot be the most comfortable you’ll ever be on Halloween. Don’t forget the foam!secret garden 2

Oh, and if someone could please be Daesung’s version of Greatest Love’s Big Bad Kdrama Mama, it would be greately appreciated. Don’t forget to keep spritzing yourself!daesung secret garden

Running Man
Easy costume alert! Dig through the ghost of Halloween past costume box, pull out that Kill Bill yellow track suit and velcro your nametag on the back. Wa-la! Instant Running Man costume.running man
Cherry has a suggestion for what she thinks is an even easier costume! Grab some incense (no more than nine!) And then go around telling everyone your girlfriend is now your neice. Ahem…that one may take some guts.Screenshot 2013-07-10 at 8.36.50 PM

Rooftop Prince
Going with a group of friends? And all of you want to be comfy? Put on those track suits and pretend to be accidntal visitors from the Joseon Dynsasty!rooftop prince

And finally….apply the gel tears, cuddle a doll ‘secret baby’ and somehow work into conversations that you both have cancer and amnesia? You are the perfect Makjang Drama!

Now go out there, spread that Kdrama, and have a great time!

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