Seo Taiji Wants Wants To Tell Us a Scary Story

Posted by Stephanie on October 31, 2014


Seo Taiji (1)

Let’s get this out of the way, I fudging love this fudging song. I wasn’t sure at first, I loved the music, but again, was put off with Seo Taji’s voice–but the more I listen, the more I love. Fudging love.

And this fun, dark video is a perfect watch for Halloween. Or if you’re really weird, Christmas.

The video, Christmalo, which is part of Seo Taiji’s recent release has come out with 2 versions, a cinema version of the song, which tells a story, kind of like a mini movie, which gives us a really creepy version of Santa, although, if you think about it, isn’t Santa always creepy? And the second version is the straight band version. Both versions are amazeballs and kind of turns me around on the brilliance of Seo Taiji.


The subbed band version, because the song is even cooler when you know what he’s saying

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