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Posted by Stephanie on November 4, 2014

Fun Friday

Flower Boy Flower Power Magnet

You may not know this about me, but I’m a crazy crafter. I don’t want to brag, but I have mad glue gun skills. When the fever to craft comes upon me…you’d better watch out. Unfortunately, with my move to the city, I haven’t really had the time. But all that ended with this weekend with the advent of the birthday craft-off with my friend Thea

When I knew that Thea was making something for me? My competitive spirit burst out from me. She’s a full on professional costumer. Making and crafting is what she does. I knew I had to step up my game.

And from there the Flower Boy Flower Power Magnets were born.

Depending on how you look at them Flower Boy Flower Power Magnets are either cool, creepy, kitchy, tacky, or slightly awesome. Not to mention, incredibly fun to make. And come on, what refrigerator couldn’t be made better with some khottie magnets?

Here is the step by step tutorial so you can make your own Flower Boy Flower Power Magnets:

Supplies you’ll need:
A. Magnets
B. Packing Tape
C. Glue Gun
D. Mail Labels
E. Various Artificial flowers–I also found some butterflies.
F. Glitter
G. Glue (Either white glue or modge podge glue)
H. Scissors
I. Diet Soda lots of ice (this is not optional)
J. Paper cutter (optional)
Step 1. 
Choose your flower boys. If you are making these for a gift, be a sport and try not to choose all your own biases–remember these are not for you–these are for your friend. (Which is why this set had Daesung but nary a single GDragon or T.O.P) Make sure it’s a photo where they are not touching their heads, and their heads and all their hair is fully in the frame. No flat tops!

Step 2 thea 511

Print them out. I did it as a contact sheet, so that the heads were small enough to fit in the flowers you have chosen. So…much…hotness on one page!

Step 3

Cut out the squares.

Step 420141104_081343

Take a mailing label, peel off the sticker, and line it on the back of your photos. I actually used 3 lables.This sounds like a silly step, but I figured it would help the head be more sturdy. You may be able to skip it. At your own risk…bwahahaha!

Step 520141101_005607

Start decapitating idols! Cut carefully around the head. This will actually be a bonding time between you and your flower boy–carefully studying their features. Watch out for those pesky ears!

Step 620141101_010205

Tape it! Tape it good! Lay your  head face down on the sticky side of the packing tape, then fold it over, so you have completely covered the head in tape (this is a poor man’s laminator. If you have a laminator, Go ahead and use it. Cheater.)

Step 720141101_010347

Cut it out! (again being careful of those ears–I’m looking at you Chaneol!)

Step 820141101_013028

Product placement! Decide which head will go on which flower. At this point, some heads will just be left on the cutting room floor if they are not a perfect fit. Give a moment of silence for the fallen and then ruthlessly move on.

Step 920141101_100042

Glitter! Glitter! Glitter! (Actually it turns out less is more here.) Lightly spread a thin layer of glue on the top of the flower and sprinkle on the glitter. My glitter is a collection from Martha Stewart, who makes some mighty fine glitter. It was, however, purchased before I moved to NY and could actually afford to buy anything from Martha Stewart. Try not to get any glitter on your decapitated idols.

Step 1020141101_101649
It’s Hot Glue TIME! Ahhh…nothing like the smell of hot glue in the morning. Carefully, hot glue the back of your head to the flower (or butterfly).

Step 1120141101_105208
Magnitize! Use a generous amount of hot glue and adhere the flower to the magnet. YOU’RE ALMOST THERE!Step 1220141101_105237
Stiffen it! Just a little bit! If your flower is floppy, spread a layer of glue (or modge-podge) on the back and let it dry.Step 13
Flower Boy Flower Power Magnet

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