Musical Monday: The Puer Kim Edition

Posted by Stephanie on November 10, 2014


Puer Kim

Thanks Pamela for introducing me to this weeks Musical Monday artist, Puer Kim. Pamela actually sent me a link for one of her other songs, Manyo Maash. I liked the style and sound of her voice so much I kept going and found this song, Money.

I do love the sound of her Puer Kim’s voice, it’s low, slow quality and her complete lack of aegyo. Blech, how I dislike the aegyo. It’s like drinking regular soda–so sweet it feels like you’re straining sugar through your teeth.

But no aegyo in Puer Kim. Of course who needs aegyo when you go straight to the sexy. I was telling Pamela, While I can’t understand what she’s saying–from the video it seems like the lyrics go something like, “Boobs, boobs, look at my boobs.”

Of course, I’m just paraphrasing.

The video is highly stylized and despite the “Look! Look how much bigger my boobs are than yours!” is interesting and fun.

Thanks Pamela for the heads up!

Puer Kim, Bank

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