The Technicians Is Almost Here!

Posted by Stephanie on November 12, 2014



I’M SO EXCITED! Seriously guys, I’m not sure when the last time I’ve been so excited for something to premier (woah, isn’t that sad?). I’m like tingles in the belly, ants in the pants, out-loud squeeing sort of excited.


I just watched–no experienced–the trailer for the upcoming movie The Technicians. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, I love heist/caper movies. Movies like the Italian Job or Oceans 11 (just the first one) or Red(again, just the first one). There is nothing quite so sexy as a well executed plan involving smart asses just outside the law who are cocky about their mad (insert whatever they bring to the table) skill. Toss in a little romance, maybe a few car chases, and I’m a happy happy girl.
technicians 6 woo bin
This movie looks like has everything–and then you toss in Woo Bin? Hot Damn. This movie had better freaking come to NYC as I will willingly part with the arm and both legs it costs to go to a movie here in the city to see it on the big screen. I won’t even wait for Free Korean Movie night to possibly get it, nope, I’ll be there on the first night, the second in line.I never like to be the first in line. Makes me feel dumb. technicians 2

However, I am a little concerned as the only other caper/heist Korean movie I’ve seen was, and while it had all of the things listed above plus the first smoking hot pairing of Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyeon, I didn’t love it. I’m not even sure if I liked it that much. Or I should say, I don’t remember that much except for the aforementioned pairing of the ones who would be You From Another Star. And isn’t that the tell of a not great movie? (I will admit that I am one of the few, the very few who didn’t love the movie, so I could very well be wrong on this.)
So, I’ll just push that out of my head, I’ll just squash any fears of this movie not being as awesome as it appears to be, and will just enjoy the my excitement tingles. As life just doesn’t have enough of those, right? technicians woo bin
Who’s with me!?! Actually, if anyone is out there in the NYC area wants to be the first person in line to my second, just let me know!

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