84 Times Song Jae Rim Gave Me Variety Squees

Posted by Stephanie on November 14, 2014


I luf this couple. They are infinitely squeeable and rewatchable. I used to like Song Jae Rim, but now I’m completely obsessed. Here are 84 times Song Jae Rim made me squeeee in the first 5 episodes of We Got Married.

1) That time we learned he is obsessed with loves cats.Song Jae Rim WGM
2) That time we saw he lives in a regular guy apartment2
3)The first time we discovered his love of bumblebee shorts.Song Jae Rim WGM 3
4) That time he wore the button up shirt4
5)That time we learned he rides a motorcycle5
6)That time we realized there are some angles he can’t pull off.6
7) When he did this:7
8) That time before he meeting So Eun and had to practice his suave.8
9) That time he accidentally put his nose in the waffle.9
10) That time when they first met and he sniffed her before she knew was there.song jae rim we got married

source: http://petite-blonde-and-snarky.tumblr.com/

11) That time he broke his cool in his excitement learning she liked cats too.12
12)That time he let her touch the his adams apple. Front and back. Rawwr!song jae rim we got married 2

source: http://petite-blonde-and-snarky.tumblr.com/
13) That time when they first saw each other in the light and he had no idea who she was.17
14) That time we learned of his bidet obsessions18
15) That time he got her to high five him–awkwardly–a sign of the skinship to come.20
16) That other time he hustled a high five into an awkward hug.19
17)That time he couldn’t wait to check on his cat.21
18) That time he called her out on naming her cat after Nichkyun.22

19)That time she said she was hungry and he offered her left over chicken from his fridge. 23(Nothing quite says romance as old chicken.)
20) That time he insisted on nicknames.25
21) That time he said they would go take his motorcycle to honeymoon in Jeju and he would use affection instead of gas to power it. He just oozes cheese. Someone sign him up for a romcom!26
22) That time we learned how much he loves convenience stores.27
23) That time he forgot her name.24
24) That time he realized the house had *gasp* no bidet.28
25) That time he brought them couple t’s–with his own name on them. (Also allowing us to notice he romanizes it as Jae Lim.)29
26) Reaction to Nichkyun’s wardrobe: You must have been very lonely.

27) When he played the guitar for her, staring deep into her eyes. *swoon*31

28) That time he pulled out his smile aligner–like it was perfectly normal.32
29) That time he handed the smile aligner for her to try–ew.33
30) That time she caught him with his arm behind her.34b
31) That time he overshared.35
32) That time he insisted on commemorating drinking the expensive liquor. (Extra points to him for packing a Sharpie–I’m a sucker for office supplies…)36
33) That time we realized he was writing in English!37
34) That time he played the saxophone for her.38b
35) That time he tries to teach So Eun to play the saxophone, and used it as an opportunity to get closer…real close.39
36) That time he immediately ruined the mood.40
37) That other time he got So Eun’s name wrong.42
38) That time he tried to pull off a real life arm grab43
39) That time he tricked her into holding hands45
40) That time he ruffled her hair. (Not sure why this is so squee worthy, but there it is.)44
41) That time he rocked the glam hospital patient look.46
42) That time we realized he still looked attractive like this.47

43) That other time he overshared.48
44) That time he used his patient status to get her to hold his hand again.50
45) That time he asked her to shave his face. (And then offered to shave her legs.)49
46) That time he moves his chair to be next to her.51

47)That time he told her he wasn’t wearing underwear52 b
48) That time he hugged her after she was just as cheeky as he was.53
49) See her face I fall into it because she’s so pretty54
50) That time he was super cozy taking her to the market55
51) That time he bagged his own groceries56
52) That time he pulled off this smooth move…Song Jae Rim We got Married 3

source: http://overochiever.tumblr.com/
53) That time he showeredsong jae rim we got married 4 (1)

source: http://overochiever.tumblr.com/
54) That time he glowed after the shower–I had a sneaky suspicion this was the case.57

55) That time he snuck MSG into the Kimchi Jjigae. *Um. Ew.*58

56)That time he sneakily backhugged her. *Covert backhugs!*59
57) When we learned he likes to be tidy. Dishes! He does dishes!60
58) That time he peeled shrimp for her61
59) That time he kept teasing her how bad her kimchi jjigae was62
60) That time he told her he’d already removed the porn from his hard drive.63
61)That time he complained because she fast forwarded through the sex scene of the video they were watching.64
62) That time he climbed up onto the couch and almost cuddled her. Oooh almost cuddles!67
63) That other time he played with her hair.66
64) That time he was shocked when So Eun leaned her head on him.68
65) That time he realized exactly what So Eun was thinking whenever he skinshipped her.69

66) That time he brought up the bidet again.70
67) That time he managed to use a flu shot as a pick up line.71
68) That time he told her she didn’t need to wear makeup because she was already so pretty.72
69) That time he told her the drama he was in was “It’s Okay, It’s Jae Rim”73
70) That time he said this:74
71) That time he affectionately bumped heads with her after telling her not to be a Cinderella and run off with another prince.75
72)Then when he said this:76
73) That time we learned he’s bad with chopsticks77
74) That time he had something in his eye and he let her blow on it.78
75) That time he tried to convince So Eun to wear a pair of the bumble bee shorts79
76) That time he suggested they hang the big-ass picture of himself on the wall so she could always see it.80
77) The time he tried to give her the unwashed bumble bee shorts and yellow sun glasses81
78) That time he touched her waist to ‘make sure the shorts would fit’.Song Jae Rim we got married 5

source: http://iampitthaya.tumblr.com/
79) The time he tried to get the black sunglasses back and give her the cheaper yellow pair.82
80) Then the time when he tried to give her a hug as payment for letting her have the black sunglasses.83
81) That time he used the hammer. The host was right, women (or me) do love that!84
82) That time he tried to sneak physical affection in.85
83) That other time he snuck physical affection in.86
84) That time he cuddled with her as they posed for selfies!87
This show is so freaking cute and every second makes me love him (and her!) even more. I’m so glad I started watching this show–I’m not sure why no one recommended it before! *wink*

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