Musical Monday: The BTS Edition

Posted by Stephanie on November 17, 2014


BTS 2WHY? Why is BTS so young?? Watching their newest video (thanks Cherry) with their harder sound, driving drum beat, snarls, and swagger, I find them to be…alluring. Very alluring.

And now I’m embarrassed–thanks, BTS.

I love these guys so freaking hard! I love this video, they styling, the dancing, but most especially, how they started with each member coming in to join the dance. I’m not sure why I hadn’t listened to their newest release yet, as they have yet to disappoint me in any of their music. I continue to be afraid that they will pull a B.A.P on me and will fiddle with their sound, possibly, horrors catching a case of aegyo. However, I should have more faith in BTS, more faith in their leader, Rap Monster, and his underground rap roots.

With all the bands that keep coming here to NY, I haven’t gotten tickets for anything. Kpop ticket prices are high, and Stephanie is poor. Well, more, Stephanie’s laptop died and she needs to buy a new one–I’m a New Englandah, need and practicality trumps hot boy bands at all times.

Except for BTS.

I swear if BTS comes here, not only would I buy tickets, I may even spring for VIP tickets. I got to see these guys at KCON and they were amazing. I love all of their music (now I must get this newest one) and I hope the rumors are true and they will tour the states. Heck. I don’t even need them to tour, one concert date will be fine! You know, so long as it’s here in NYC.

Now I am off to listen to this song about 9 more times.

BTS, War of Hormone.

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