Are Multiple Personalities the New Black

Posted by Stephanie on November 21, 2014

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competitionOh Kdrama and your hot themes. First it was time travel, then doctors, then noona lovers, and now, with the addition of Kill Me, Heal Me? That makes three separate upcoming dramas featuring heroes wiht multilbe personalities. The others being  Hyun Bins (and first to be announced) Hyde and Kim Soo Hyun’s Dr Frankenstein. (Note Kim Soo Hyun hasn’t officially signed on, he’s just looking favorable on it.)
A Gaggle of noona romances you can get away with. A pack of hot doctor shows? Sure, I can buy that, we have lots of doctor shows here in the states. But multiple multiples? All within the same season? (If kdrama has seasons of course.) Wouldn’t it have made at least one of the broadcasters say…uh…maybe we’ll take a pass on that one? No? Well, okay then.
You know what though? I don’t care! (Or in the words of 2NE1, “I don’t ca-a-a-a-are”) You know why? Lee Seung Gi! Lee Seung Gi! Lee Seung Gi!

I’m so excited he’s coming back to tv and–even with all the multiple personalities out there–his stands out not just because and his character, a chaebol (of course) has, count them, seven personalities! This makes the two heroes of the other drams with their mere 2 personalities look like they are hardly trying.
I do wonder though, seven is a lot of characters and it seems a bit complicated to pull off unless they are going for farce (which, since not much is known about the drama could well be the case.) If the drama isn’t a farce would Lee Seung Gi be able to pull it off?
Don’t get me wrong–I luf Lee Seung Gi and he’s certainly growing as an an actor but sometimes his range is a little…limited.
Ack! I feel blasphemous for saying it. I thought he did great in Your All Surrounded and in (parts of)King 2 Hearts. It’s just that with  Hyun Bin’s and Kim Soo Hyun tugging at his heels, he’s got some steep competition not only in the drama but as an actor. Think about it–this is Hyun Bin’s greatly anticipated return to drama and Kim So Hyun is the hottest of the hot right now. It’s going to be rough for him.
Who knows–maybe the three drams competing will work in their favor–it certainly made me think more on each drama than I usually do. I’m interested in seeing how they will pull it off, what direction, tone each will take and ultimately which will be more successful.
Time to start placing your bets now!


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