What A Difference A Teaser Make: Healer

Posted by Stephanie on November 22, 2014


Scrolling through my Instagram feed there he is again, Ji Chang Wook.

진짜 얼마안남있다!! #힐러 #둑흔둑흔 #떨림 #진짜 #진짜!!

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He is, of course, smiling, which is good as that’s ow I like him  best. But sadly, seeing his smiling face always makes me a little blue. While I loved him in Smile Dong Hae, he has yet to be in another drama I wanted to sit through.

Well–except for Bachelors Vegetable Store. I sat through that entire pile of poo for him (and of course the other bachelors) the only reason I forgive him for those wasted hours is the fact that his part of the drama was almost really good. He can not be held responsible for the the depths of maudlin suckitude the other plots fell.

(If you didn’t catch that–don’t watch Bachelors Vegetable Store–friends don’t let friends watch bad kdramas.)

So back to his Instagram. Currently all his photos are of him in costume for his latest drama, Healer. Ho-hum, not another one–please don’t make me dislike you Ji Chang Wook.

I’d read a blurb as to what the drama was going to be about, and of course, I had no interest in it. But that changed when I saw the first official teaser:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTvMWhaRJLk]
Oh my freaking goodness–how awesome does this look?

My furor up, I went hunting for more information on the plot–and he’s not a lawyer who stumbles upon a wrong he has to uncover–he’s like this elite bad-ass messenger.

Wait. A Messenger? That can’t be totally right either, especially considering he has a hacker for a partner. Anyway it is the messenger who stumbles onto the big bad. Why does that one occupation make a difference in my interest level? Lord if I know. I think it may fall under the umbrella of my love for caper movies. Mr Messenger is cocky, quick, and has the ability to move just that side of the law.

The drama (from the teaser at least) looks awesome and something you usually see more in movies than dramas. It also looks like not only is Ji CHang Wook perfect for the role, he looks like he’s having a blast while doing it.

So thanks Ji Chang Wook, thanks for taking one for the team, for finally doing a drama I might actually watch.

Now if you could just have Goo Soo do the same, that’d be great. Thanks!

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