Cramming In Kdrama Update: Everything’s going so well!

Posted by Stephanie on November 25, 2014



Crunch Time 2

Is what I think to myself as I cross another drama off my end of the year list–but then as I look at the remaining list–I realize I have a long ways to go. It’s almost daunting as, now that I’ve committed myself to this challenge, I’m determined to do it right.

First two weeks? Gangbusters. I finished several dramas and completed a few more. Last week? My watching declined sharply–however I did get to go to Korean movie night for a viewing of Lee Joon’s Rough Play and was delighted to be invited to the Korean Movie festival where I watched Gyeongju where there was a question and answer session with the director. (Thanks Madeline for the ticket!)

So it’s not like I didn’t watch anything, it’s just with the amount of dramas on the list, my efforts were subpar, unacceptable, F-.

I’m still also having trouble finding a bit of a balance between watching dramas and actually blogging about them as I feel a responsibility to both. (I sound like such an exciting person, don’t I?) I long for the days when I will have a laptop again, and I can more easily do both.

Onto the results!

Plus 9 Boys–loved the main couple, the OST, and where they ended it. I’m not fond of how they got there.
Spring Day of My Life–yep, it when exactly where I thought it was going to. Weep, weep, weep, sob, sob, sob. But ultimately it had a nice message.

Completed start to finish:
God’s Quiz 4–Season One Dr Han is back! Yay! Then that ending! BOOOOOOO!
Kang Goo’s Story–Lee Dong Wook being mopey over a dying girlfriend. Haven’t we seen this before?
Marriage, Not Dating–great drama. Loved the couple and, despite the crazy plot, the realness of it.

I also did a bunch of episodes of Glorious Day, but I’m officially crossing it off the list as I don’t love love it and I’ve watched enough (19 episodes) to get the feel of it. I’ll pick it back up after the end of the year but it was there just taking up too much real estate for an ‘eh, it’s not bad’ drama.

I slept through three episodes of Three Musketeers–it was all the same episode–so I have a feeling that doesn’t count.

Currently, I’m watching Three Days–Yoochun is banging it out of the park again right from the beginning. I have thoughts as to who is behind everything but I won’t say in case I’m horribly, embarrassingly wrong. Don’t worry, I’ve told Cherry Cordial what they are, so if I turn out to be right, you’d better believe I’ll come back here and neiner-neiner.

(And I may have watched part of I Need Romance 3 while a particularly irritating customer was yammering on in my ear today–as with the other I Need Romances it seems like light fluffy fun.)

So, not great. But considering how long it had been since I’d actually sat down and watched drama? I’m doing great!

Now that my Korean Class has ended, I feel like I’m really going to start powering through.

Here’s what the countdown looks like.

Update 1

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