Musical Monday: The Super Junior Edition

Posted by Stephanie on December 1, 2014


Super Junior 7

How did I not know there was more than one official music video for Super Juniors last release? Why would I have just assumed they had stopped with Mamacita? What am I, a rookie to this Kpop thing? Although in my defense they only did the on MV for the last Super Junior-M release–so technically–my oversight is SM’s fault. Yeah….SM’s fault.

If I remember correctly I said that what the last video was missing was more Eunhyuk, and apparently, someone heard me! This video is filled with little Eunhyuk gems, which for me equates to anytime I’m able to just glimpse him on the screen. Not only does have a great deal of screen-time, but there is also a section within the video where Eunhyuk and Donghae had the spotlight all to themselves and celebrated with a little dance party.

Shindong was barely a blip on the video radar which was a nice plus, however, I was surprised how little time Siwon was given–is it me or does it seem like the Super Junior golden boy is being pushed to the back a bit? And why isn’t he acting lately? Lately I’ve been lured in a little by the enigma which is Heechul, but who thought it was a good idea for him to be dancing in front of a line of urinals? Did he pull the short end of the stick on that one? Although, he did manage to make urinal dancing look good. Super Junior 9

As for the song? At the beginning, where it starts so slow, I didn’t think I was going to like it, but then it picked up you know what? This is love. Heh, heh, heh. I realized that I never did acquire this album and I’m going to have to change that pretty darn quick.

At least before they come to the states. I’d hate to embarrass myself in front of Super Junior and all the other E.L.F’s. Could you imagine accidentally bumping into Eunhyuk on the street and holding back that inner shame that I wasn’t officially caught up? That I wasn’t a real-real fan? I’d barely be able to look him in the eye! And that would be inconvenient and would get in the way of my plan to steal him to keep him for my very own.

Super Junior, This Is Love

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