Musical Monday: The MAMA Edition

Posted by Stephanie on December 8, 2014



MAMA’s happened last week, and unlike last year, I did not wake up pre-dawn to live watch it. You shall not trick me again awards show! And looking at some of the videos, while they were interesting, not watching it live was not a super big deal.

I continue to love, love, love SeoTaiji, they did a mash up of some of his hits through the years and I’m kicking myself for still not picking up any of his albums. Maybe Santa will get them for me for Christmas 😉

Then, downside? The kick it off with a little clip of B1A4, and I thought it was to introduce them, but no, it was just an ad for MNET’s coverage for their Road Trip tour. Come on MNET, come on!

Double downside? Turns out they not only performed here in NYC, they had a little jam session in Washington Square Park. And I missed it. Harumph.

This was fun–a battle between between Block B and BTS, rap, dance and performance. Who won? Well, I’d say hands down BTS hands down, but I’m biased like that.

Good to know Kim Ji Hoon still looks awesome! Now get back to work and do a drama I actually want to watch!

RC Kim Ji Hoon 3
Block B what were you wearing?? It’s totally time to get a new stylist.

Block B
1. Is this guy rocking bomb removal chic?
2. What is with the poofy fabric? Why would you want to make your artist, who is about to perform in the next 10ish minutes, look like he’s wearing a parka? A wrinkly parka.
3) You might not be able to get this from the photo, but that is a faux fur throw he’s has, not casually tossed over his shoulder. It looks a little bit light the shroud of the Scream Killer.
4) This guy looks like his his suit is literally made out of a paire of drapes. Or sofa cusions. And, it might be the way he’s styled, but does anyone else see Peewee Herman here?

RC Block B 2

The sets were amazing, and I have to say I am in love with Taeyang’s light show.

GD & Taeyang 2

GD & Taeyang 3

GD & Taeyang 6





GD & Taeyang 11






Anyone else surprised he wore a shirt? Don’t worry, during the next bit he took it off.

So I was now forced to listen to the Taeyang and GD new song. Meh. Disappointing. And to pull in Fantastic Baby? They’ve played the same song for now the past three awards shows–another sign it’s way past effing time for for another BigBang release–you’ve beaten that horse dead thank you very much.

Epik High! Nice to have you back boys!

Going onto more bad styling–what happened to Jung Joon Young? Did he get gum in his hair and it had to be cut out?

RC Jung Joon Young

And my full-on girl crush of Bobby continues! I can not wait for when his music actually comes out.

(I’m afraid to ask just how young he is…)

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