Crammin in Kdrama Update 2: Slowing down?

Posted by Stephanie on December 9, 2014


Crunch Time 2The end of the year seems to be getting here fast and faster–where is all my kdrama watching time? I’ve gotten to the point where I’m not sure how many dramas I’m going to be able to fit in before the clock stripes 12. So the berating begins–why didn’t I watch more during the year? I’m such a slacker.

Downside? My trip home for the holiday to seem friends and family got canceled. Once the weeping, whining to friends, and morosely listening to gay Christmas music (Soundtrack of Make the Yultide Gay, if you like Christmas music, check it out) while self-indulgently wandering the streets of NY passed, I looked on the bright side. More Kdrama for me!

Now to stop slacking off while watching old episodes of Shark Tank (seriously, I think I have an addiction to that stupid show)–it’s time to get to get some serous watching done!

And now for the drama Update.

3 days 2

I finished Three Days–while I liked Yoochun and thought he did a great job, I thought that the drama was fairly repetitive. Seriously–how many times can the hero be framed for murder?

tomorrow cantabile 2

Watched Tomorrow Cantabile–overall, I liked the drama about a million times more than the JDrama. Parts of the drama was super cute, some of it was cringe-worthy, and ultimately, I liked the main couple. However. And this is a big however. No freaking kiss??? 16 episodes (one being complete filler) and not a single pucker? It makes me look side-eyed at the hero and his frankly unwillingness to touch the heroine.


Mimi, only 4 episodes and that was about 2 episodes too many.

Pinocchio 2

Pinocchio–I watched 5 episodes over Thanksgiving and (yes, Thea) I liked it. The drama is telling an interesting story and my heart breaks for the brother and where they are taking his story–and I have a feeling it’s only going to get worse for him. This one I’m not going to continue until after the new year, as it doesn’t end this year so I’m not going to waste my valuable watching time on it.


Reset, this drama reminded me of Ghost Detective Cheo Yong, but pulled off better. The drama is 10 episodes and probably could have been cut down an episode or two to be tighter–don’t let that fool you though–the show and it’s twists and turns does keep you on your toes.

Discovery of Romance 2

Discovery of Romance 5 episodes. It’s still early, but I like the drama. Downside, I think I may have attached myself onto Sung Joon and I’m fairly certain he’s probably the second lead. Nooo! Damn you realistic dramas showing people in more than one relationship. She is going to break is heart when she gets back with the ex-boyfriend. Also? Best friendship between the roomates. They are all so freaking cute.

Now I’m off to watch something else. I’m not sure what. I’m still cranky about Cantible, so probably not a romance. Bad Guys isn’t done yet, so maybe not that, Big Man? A New Leaf? Liars Game?


Here’s the scoreboard so far.

round 2 b

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